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Alleged eBooks Price-Fixing: New Canadian Class-Action Lawsuit


Canada has joined the class-action lawsuits against Apple club over allegations that the tech giant had colluded with five other publishing houses: Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Hachette Book Group, Penguin, and Macmillan in an effort to raise the price of electronic books for iPad and iPhone.

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Shazam Player Available for iPad Now

ShazamIf there is one complaint I can say for certain that I hear about iOS-based devices on a regular basis it is that they despise having to use iTunes to manage their music library. Fortunately for those people (and for me because I now have a good response), the Shazam Player is an excellent option as an iTunes alternative that lets you not only listen to your favorite tunes but also “see streaming lyrics, watch YouTube videos and read reviews of your favorite tracks and artists!”

With their latest release, the Shazam Player is now optimized for the retina display on the iPad –which means it looks as great as it functions! (and the best part is that it can be downloaded for free  from the App Store!)

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500px Photo Sharing Service Updates iPad Version with Retina Support


Whether you are a seasoned professional with an amazing camera or a parent with a pocket full of iPhone, chances are good you have an ever-increasing library of digital photography that you would like to be sharing with your friends and family. While there are a number of services out there that will let you do this to varying degrees, few are as full-featured and affordable as 500px.

Built as a true social networking site for photography, 500px just released an update to their existing iPad app with a host of upgrades designed to take advantage of the upgraded tablet.

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New iPad and 4G in Australia: Apple Fights Back

Australia 4G

Apple is finally fighting back and defending themselves following allegations from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission suggesting that Apple had misled consumers when they announced that the new third generation iPad is compatible with 4G networks. The basis for these claims seemed to surface when people started discovering that the new iPad could not connect to Australian 4G networks.

Apple has turned the finger back at the source, arguing that the problem is actually that Australia’s networks are mislabeled and not truly “4G”.

In Apple’s official statement, the computer company indicates that the new iPad is labeled in accordance with the accepted industry and regulatory use of the “4G” descriptor.

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iPad Trademark in China: Apple to Settle with Proview


The world has been watching this seemingly bizarre lawsuit launched by Proview Technology against Apple. The bankrupt Hong-Kong based manufacturer of computer displays has maintained that they rightfully own the trademark to the iPad name and that Apple is in direct violation of that assertion. They have tried just about everything to get soemthing out of Apple’s considerable wallet, including an attempt to ban the import and export of iPad devices from China.

Lucky for them, Apple seems interested in making this go away.

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Padcaster — An iPad Add-on for Video Enthusiasts

PadcasterIf you’d like to turn your iPad into a mini DSLR rig, you may want to consider grabbing the Padcaster. Designed by Manhattan Edit Workshop founder Josh Apter, the Padcaster is an iPad accessory that turns your tablet into a serious video recorder.

The Padcaster is a polyurethane insert that functions as an iPad case, set inside a rigid aluminum frame that functions nicely as a DSLR cage that features threaded holes that let you mount the contraption onto a tripod or add lights and a microphone.

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Google’s Larry Page Not Sure if Android is a Critical Asset for Google?

Larry PageWe’ve heard a lot of strange things coming out of Google’s corner of the earth lately, not the least of which is a statement from their CEO, Larry Page, indicating that he really wasn’t sure Android was a critical asset for his company. Sure he feels it is “very important” but only because it is “ultimately a vehicle for Google services like ads, not an end into itself.”

Page doesn’t stop there. He goes on to explain that the reason Google created Android was because early smartphones couldn’t seem to run Google services properly. I am sure those who are supportive of the operating system will be delighted to know that those who created it really have no visible respect for the platform and see it only as a delivery device for their other services (most of which are measurable failures).

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Get to Know a Royal Little Pest HD – iPad App Review

Royal Little Pest HDPrince Hayden MacCheeky is an independent character who loves irritating and imitating his older brother and sister. Share A Royal Little Pest HD with your young child and take the opportunity to enjoy a delightful story with colorful and dynamic illustrations (even the crowns they wear have animated sparkle to them).

Though never really given credit, Prince Hayden MacCheeky is accompanied by his trusty dog through the entire story –and the expressions and experiences of his companion are the scene-stealing best parts of the entire story.

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SpellTower Will Become Your Next Word-Game Obsession – iPad Game Review

SpellTowerAre there many people out there that don’t enjoy word games? Am I the only person who can’t seem to resist them? If you are anything like me, SpellTower will become one of your favorite ways to pass (waste) time!

When Zach Gage set out to create this soon-to-be epic iOS game he knew he wanted something that could be seen as more than just another Scrabble/Boggle/Jumble clone and endeavored to create something that was every bit as addictive and fun as the offerings from the big studios like Rovio and Zynga.

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Iconic iPad Game ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ Receives Major Update

Plants vs. ZombiesMost of you reading this have lost a moment (or two, or two hundred, or…) playing Plants vs. Zombies. Whether you find it relaxing to tend to your Zen Garden or enjoy having fun battling zombies, this game turns the un-dead into fun-dead.

With a significant upgrade to their initial release, you can now play 4 new mini games (Slot Machine, Zombiquarium, Portal Combat, and Beghouled Twist), tackle zombies in additional levels (Vasebreaker Endless which includes 8 levels of Vasebreaker; and I, Zombie Endless which includes 8 levels of I, Zombie) and test your green-thumbed skills with variety of new plants (extend your free Zen Garden by adding on the Mushroom Garden and Aquarium Garden).

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