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Apple’s and Google’s 3D Map Methodology Considered a Security Risk?

3D Maps

I still remember the first time I looked up my house on the Google Maps Street View and squealed with geeky delight when I could identify my vehicle sitting in the driveway. I was home when the car drove by and took the footage of my street! It blew my mind, really. The idea is pretty amazing –window shopping in a whole new way. Now, Apple and Google have both taken this technology a step further and brought the images in the maps to life with a third dimension.

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The SleepClock Available Now, Enables Sleep Monitoring via iOS Devices

Renew SleepClockIf you have ever had difficulty sleeping you will appreciate just how important it is to get a good night’s rest. Using the Renew SleepClock in combination with your iPad may just give you the hand you need to help you get the best sleep possible.

The Renew SleepClock knows when you are sleeping (and knows when you are awake, kind of like Santa!) and measures your sleep patterns so that you are actually woken up at the lightest moment in your sleep cycle. The promised result is that you will feel more refreshed and alert!

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Microsoft Finally Scratches the Tablet “Surface”


Apparently all you need to do to generate the same kind of enthusiasm and anticipation that Apple manages to muster is to come from out of nowhere (seemingly) and make the announcement that nobody was expecting. Sure we knew that Windows 8 would be seen on a tablet, but we really had no strong inkling that the tablet would be Microsoft branded hardware.

The Surface could very well be the first force Apple truly has to reckon with in the corporate market, with Microsoft offering two versions of the tablet: one running Windows RT and the other Windows 8 Pro.

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Must Have iPad Father’s Day Gifts

DadFather’s Day is only a few more sleeps away and whether your dad is getting his first iPad as a gift this year or just can’t live without his tablet already, he can always stand to get a new accessory.

Take a look at a few ideas to help you shop for the guy that likely already has everything (including that crazy mug you made him all those years ago that leaks coffee everywhere if he tries to use it or the ashtray he treasures even though he doesn’t smoke).

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Huffington Post Launches New ‘Huffington’ iPad Magazine

HuffingtonHuffPost isn’t a minor news organization. With nearly 500 editors and reporters producing over 70 original stories every day, they have content galore to share and part of that endeavor will be accomplished with a new iPad magazine that they have called Huffington. Included in that publication are the stories they consider to be “narrative jewels” or the very best of the best pulled together into a single location.

Promising “sophisticated design, stunning photographs and video, typography that’s sharper than any print publication, and rich, colorful full-screen ads that are far away from the maddening crowds of banner ads, pop-ups, and drop-downs,” Huffington strives to connect you to all of the happenings around the world.

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Cisco – What the Heck Were we Thinking? (When Going After iPad)

CiusCisco’s Cius tablet was supposed to be the “all-in-one collaboration endpoint for enterprises.” The problem of course, as validated by Cisco senior vice president and general manager OJ Winge, is that 63% of the tablets used in enterprises are iPads (with many of those being brought from home or purchased for dual-purpose use).

Well that, and the fact that few people even know the Cius existed.

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Amazon Cloud Player Hits the iOS App Store

AmazonOnce upon a time I used to look up at the clouds in the sky and think how wistful and beautiful they were. Now, I look up at those same (ish) clouds and contemplate wireless interactivity and centralized storage. Much less romantic, but entirely more practical. Nonetheless, Amazon has put their foot in the way of a door that was being closed by iTunes by releasing their Cloud Player for iOS devices.

Unfortunately, there is no native iPad version of this app (yet), but it does represent solid and meaningful competition against iTunes and Apple for ‘music in the cloud’ market share.

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Apple Partners with Major Third-Party Content Providers for New iOS Maps App

iOS Maps

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the announcement earlier this week regarding the new Maps app that Apple is including in iOS 6. What may bet he most interesting part of the news is that while the app was built from scratch by Apple, the content is being provided by a whole team of trusted industry experts, not the least of which being Microsoft!

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It’s Official – Verizon Wireless Launches ‘Share Everything’ Plans with Shared Data

It appears to be the week of big announcements with Verizon delivering on a promise of a new plan for those of us with multiple devices! Starting on June 28 both new and existing Verizon customers can sign up for Share Everything, which gives you the ability to get all of your devices, unified under a single plan.

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iPad Helps Prevent Price Gouging in China

iPad in ChinaThe popular coastal resort of Sanya in Southern China’s Hainan province has embraced the iPad, thanks to choices made by their local government.

Now, seafood restaurants with 15 or more tables are required to use the tablets to handle their orders. Smaller establishments will be permitted to use Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) as they are less expensive and therefore more affordable.

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