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Amazon to Acquire UpNext to Keep Pace with Mapping Services from Apple and Others


These days it’s all about the maps, and not to be left out it appears Amazon has made a little purchase. The online retailer has announced the acquisition of 3D mapping startup UpNext.

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iPad Taking More Prominent Position at Apple Retail Stores

Genius Bar

It seems that people like hanging out at the Genius Bar, so Apple is taking steps to make it a more comfortable place to be (though perhaps not for kids, who seem to be losing their tables and chairs).

In addition to these aesthetic changes, Apple Stores are in the midst of increasing adoption of the iPad as a means to manage customer service records.

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DancePad for Your iPad – It’s Finger Dancing… And It’s Fun! – iPad Game Review

DancePadIt can be very challenging to write a review for a game when there really are no words to describe it. DancePad is ridiculous. It’s hilarious. It’s also a lot of fun and completely addictive. The premise is easy: dance with your fingers. Using a series of dance moves that have you tapping and sliding your way across the screen, your fingers will get their groove on (and your toes, which I challenge you not to tap while you play this one)!

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Metro Tasks: Love Your To-Dos! — iPad App Review

Metro TasksIs the first task on your to-do list to actually create a to-do list? Do you find that simple lists of tasks don’t help you to get things accomplished? Are you a visual person that is aided by colorful organization and meaningful labels? Metro Tasks may just be your salvation.

Using a series of folders, tasks can be added or moved through an easy to intuit drag-and-drop interface. The customization options are infinite, but consider using folders for home, family, finances, work, shopping, events, fitness, travel, calls and ideas!

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Extend Googe Docs to your iOS Device with Google Drive – iPad App Review

Google DriveBuilt as an extension to Google Docs, Google Drive is an elegant file storage and sync service with a new native app for all of your iOS devices! The app is free and comes complete with 5GB of free storage (additional space is available for a monthly fee beginning at USD $2.49 for 25GB), giving you ample opportunity to take it for a test drive.

Other services with similar purposes exist, but none carries the Google name (and inherent elegance) like this app.

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Mobile Chrome vs. Mobile Safari on iPad – Shootout

Google ChromeIt’s always nice to have options, especially when it comes to your web browser (even if you can’t change your defaults in iOS which is a major faux pas if you ask this writer). To this end, Google has released mobile Chrome for your iOS devices and the reviews are already pouring in… but before you get too critical, keep in mind that this is the first appearance of the browser on iOS.

Many of the standard Chrome features are present and accounted for with this app, including the ability to login and sync your open tabs, bookmarks, passwords, and omnibox data from your computer across all of your iOS devices.

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Plan the Ultimate DIY Weekend with a Little Help from HGTV Shelf – iPad App Review

HGTV ShelfDo you have a house full of unfinished projects? Are you craving a trip to your local hardware store with an actual mission in mind? With help from the HGTV Shelf app, you may just have the assistance you need. Designed by the experts at,, and, HGTV Shelf is filled with photos, videos and other how-to guides that can get you inspired and then guide you through all of the renovations on your wish list.

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Will iPad Users Experience the Same Siri Issues as the iPhone?

SiriSiri understands what you say, at least most of the time. Siri knows exactly what you meant, at least it tries to with varying success. Siri can help you contemplate the meaning of life. Siri may not be perfect, but in the land of voice recognition it is the best that is out there.

Soon, Siri will make the leap from the iPhone to the iPad thanks to iOS 6; a move that has a lot of people wondering if Apple knows what they are doing and if Siri is really ready.

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Enjoy the Happy World of Petite Frite – iPad Game Review

Petite FriteDescribing this app as a series of joyful and colorful games couldn’t be more accurate. The happy world of Petite Frite is a lovely place to spend time with your child. A series of activities including puzzles, card matching, musical theater and customizable landscapes round out the fun to be had within this app.

The most remarkable part of the app (beyond the striking illustrations) can be found in the catchy, upbeat soundtrack that plays in the background as you move from activity to activity.

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Goodbye Mobile Flash, We Won’t Miss You


Adobe has set a date. After August 15 of this year, mobile Flash will begin to fade into obscurity. While it may seem a little inappropriate to celebrate something like this, with all due respect I have to start a round of “Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead!”. Not because I didn’t love Flash back in the day. Not because I don’t respect the things Flash has done for web browsing. I have to celebrate because it means an end to defending my iOS devices and their lack of support for it (and lack of desire to ever do so).

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