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Miss the Boat? Chase it Down in Catch the Ark! – iPad App Review

mzl.mstsnbsqIn their latest title, Chillingo wonders if you can “survive the jungle and catch the ark?” With brilliantly simple on-screen controls, you will help navigate your way through jungle rapids while fighting against “outrageous hazards, hungry enemies, and even grumpy old Noah himself.”

To say this game is fast-paced is a tremendous understatement. From the moment you kick off your adventure, the twists and turns you take traveling down the water are exciting and addictive.

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Chillingo Invites You to Fling the Swing King – iPad App Review

mzm.mpuwzzwgWhat would you say if I told you that Chillingo was going to let you throw unicorn-riding puffballs around a colorful iPad universe? In Swing King, this is exactly what you will be doing. With another entry into the ever-popular physics-based game genre, Swing King invites you to solve the trajectory puzzles while avoiding a series of obstacles and a variety of traps.

“Fling the King, save the kingdom.” As with most games in this category, the first few levels are deceptively easy –but be careful and pay close attention because the skills you learn early on will help a great deal once you get a little deeper (like discovering all-too-late that certain things you perceived as dangerous are actually available to bounce and rebound against to get you where you need to go).

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DISH Explorer Second-Screen App Enhances TV Viewing Experience on iPad


DISH has proudly announced their new DISH Explorer app for iPad, behaving as a second-screen extension of the “Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR platform that combines program-discovery tools, social media engagement and remote-control capabilities.”

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Tired of Hunting for iPad Chargers? This Multi-Device Charger is Ready to Help!

PowerDockGriffin Technology, known as the “world’s foremost creators of innovations for everyday life” is at it again with new charging accessories being announced at CES 2013. Designed to promote convenience as much as ease of use, Griffin is becoming one of the first accessory manufacturers to address the reality that individuals and families have more than one accessory that requires power.

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Top Things Apple Should Focus on in 2013

AppleA new year means new beginnings, new possibilities and of course, new things to look forward to. With all eyes focused on Apple, analysts and consumers are all wondering what may be coming out of Cupertino in 2013.

Many things feel like certainties. History and experience help predict likely launches and many are probably just rumors (or wishful thinking), either way it is fun to think about the things we think Apple should focus on in 2013.

What might Apple have on their 2013 agenda?

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Apps to Celebrate the New Year!


Happy New Year! Bonne année! Feliz año nuevo! Lang may yer lum reek!

No matter how you choose to say it, the new year is upon us once again and we are ready to bid farewell to 2012. As celebrations with family, friends and iPads unfold, you may find yourself needing a little last-minute help with that (soon to be famous) toast or your (yet to be made) resolutions. Fortunately for you, we have hand-picked a selection of apps to act as your trusted companions while you journey safely and happily into the new year!

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Outfit Your New iPad or iPad Mini with the Perfect Case

ipad-christmas-presentWere you lucky enough to unwrap a shiny new iPad this holiday season? Are you now wondering just how you will protect it? Finding the perfect case to wrap around your iPad is as personal as the library of apps you find installed on it.

To aid you in your quest, we will introduce you to a few of the top-performers among the various categories of cases available.

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Find the Perfect Accessories for Your New iPad or iPad Mini

ipadWhether you have just unwrapped your very first iPad or iPad Mini or you are a seasoned Apple tablet veteran, finding the perfect accessories can be a challenging (and fun) task. There are so many options ready to unleash so much potential, it can be difficult to know just what to choose.

Fortunately, there are a few of us that have had the chance to try more than or fair share of the good, bad and ugly iPad accessories and we are happy to share our wisdom.

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Put Your Memory to the Test with Cognitile – iPad App Review

cognitileThere are a lot of puzzle and maze games for the iPad, but generally they work to test how well you understand the laws of physics. With Cognitile, the objective is to exercise your memory. When you begin the level you are presented with a map that contains treasure. The map has a number of hazards that are visible for a brief period of time during which you need to memorize their locations and plan a safe route. Be very careful, one false move and you could “fall down a crumbling tile, find yourself poisoned or engulfed in flames, get crushed by a boulder or attacked by snakes.”

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Relive Video Game Nostalgia with Karateka – iPad App Review

kThe creator of the arcade classic Prince of Persia, Jordan Mechner, is back with Karateka! If you remember the original side-scrolling karate classic (created in Mchener’s Yale dorm room over 28-years ago and making video game history with rotoscoped animation and cinematic cutscenes), this updated version will be just enough to trigger your memory with the added benefit of touch-screen controls.

Accurately described by the developer as “easy to grasp yet challenging to master,” Karateka is based on rhythm-based karate combat which lends itself very well to the touch-screen interface found on the iPad.

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