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Apple Cracking Down on Illegal iOS 6 Developer Beta Sites

iOS 6Trust me, I know how hard it is to wait for a new version of iOS. Fortunately for me (and plenty of others), I am a registered developer and part of my USD $99 annual fee extends the privilege of installing and beta testing Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system.

Those without a developer account just have to wait… unless they can find their way around that requirement. Of course, Apple isn’t thrilled by that idea and has ventured to crack down on the methods of circumventing their rules.

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Apple’s Upcoming iPad Probably Going Through LED Backlight Revisions


We’ve heard rumors that there is a new iPad readying for launch earlier than next March , when we would normally expect to see another version of the tablet. These updates may include the iPad undergoing some small revisions that may include a redesigned battery (giving a thinner, lighter and lower temperature device) as well as an enlarged lens hole (for reasons we aren’t quite sure of just yet).

We’ll add to the pile of possible changes, a suspected reduction in the number of LEDs that add backlighting to the iPad’s screen (from 2 down to 1).

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Apple Quickly Takes Over Domain


Apple is now the proud owner of the domain name. Well, currently their IP lawyers at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton are, but it is presumed that the domain will be transfered to Apple officially any time now. While many wonder why on earth Apple bothered to secure that domain, given that they don’t even call their latest tablet the ‘iPad 3’, those in the know understand that in most interpretations of patent law you must defend your trademark in order to retain it.

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Rumored iPad Mini Expected to Outsell Original iPad

iPad Mini

So let’s pretend for a moment that Apple has announced that they have created a mini version of the iPad with a 7-inch screen and that it’s a whole bunch cheaper than the current version of their tablet (for the sake of argument we will imagine it is around that USD $250 price-point). Would you buy one? Would lots and lots of people buy one?

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Third Generation iPad Undergoing Small Revisions?

iPad 3

According to a series of rumors and as-of-yet unverified reports (out of the far East, as these things often are given how much of the manufacturing process for these devices occurs there), Apple has plans to make only minor revisions to the iPad 3 prior to the launch of the next version of the tablet.

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Don’t Update your Apps… at Least for a Little While!

Marco ArmentInstapaper developer Marco Arment has had no end of headaches the past few days over an apparent bug in Apple’s App Store.

It appears that the App Store is pushing out corrupted app binaries for a number of their published apps, which is leaving them unusable and making users unhappy with the wrong people (the developers instead of Apple).

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Tie Your Loved Ones Together with Family Ribbon – iPad App Review

Family RibbonWith a show of hands, how many of you out there have gotten into trouble from a grandparent lately because you haven’t shared enough photographs of the grandchildren? Keep those hands up if you responded to those complaints by telling them that they could see pictures if they just followed those (insert social networking website name) links you have sent them dozens (and dozens) of times already? Save yourself a world of frustration with Family Ribbon.

Think of this app as a portal to all of the websites and apps you’ve been trying to get your family to use.

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Solve Puzzles to Help the Clumsy Pirates – iPad Game Review

Clumsy PiratesYoung Billy the Mop is in charge of the cleaning but longs for the day when he can become a grand buccaneer (and share in the endless bottles of rum that his mates seem to enjoy). The story behind the app begins when the bombs aboard the ship are lit and Billy is the only sober mind – giving him the chance to save the day!

Using bubbles and ladders (both of which transport him up), you must help Billy carry the bombs to the top deck where he can throw them overboard before they explode!

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Apple’s Head Mounted Computer Display Patent Works Similar to Google’s Glass Prototype

Apple Patent

It’s true that Apple files a zillion patents a year (that’s an exact number, by the way) but when they file one regarding “peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays” it is going to get a little attention.

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Practice Up for the London 2012 Olympics with the Official Mobile Game

London 2012 - Official Mobile GameDo you look forward to the Olympic games every time they come around? Use the London 2012 app to try your hand (literally) at several summer Olympic events, including: 100M, 110M Hurdles, 100m Freestyle, Double Trap, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, 100m Butterfly, Kayak (K1) and Archery.

Begin by creating a character (with stats entirely more impressive than your own) and see how you fair through the various events. You start by selecting your primary skill (either strength, balance, agility, accuracy, flexibility or mentality) and try to improve yourself as the games progress.

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