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Stay Productive with VNC and Remote Tools for the iPad

VNCAnybody with a need to connect remotely to other computers could stand to have a few tools in their kit that makes this process a little easier. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of virtual network computing (VNC) and remote management tools available for your iPad –which means you no longer need to lug your laptop around the planet with you while you are on vacation in the off chance you are needed. It also means that you can potentially spend your on-call time relaxing somewhere with little umbrellas in the drinks instead of feeling tethered to a computer somewhere out of the sun.

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Relive a Disney Classic – Bambi is Now on Your iPad

BambiThere are many generations of kids out there that remember Bambi as a very important story from their childhoods. Even though the story may begin on a sad note, other themes from the book include friendship, childhood and growing up.

This book is a simple joy, filled with beautiful retro-style illustrations and all of your favorite characters (who doesn’t love Thumper, especially when he is describing being twitterpated).

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AT&T to Charge for 3G FaceTime Sessions?

AT&TThe idea of using FaceTime over 3G is a very exciting one for many of us who use the app regularly. It is a fantastic way to keep in touch with friends and family and in many ways serves as a method of getting long distance calling without any additional charges –but that may soon change.

With the addition of FaceTime over 3G capabilities, so comes the method for data providers to find a way to make money because of it. Code in iOS 6 suggests that AT&T is planning to charge users for their FaceTime sessions, requiring you to dial 611 prior to placing a call in that manner.

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Step Away From the Office – Remote Monitoring Tools for the iPad

beachThe sun is shining (well, mostly) and it is finally summer so now you are trying your best to get a few days away from the office (even if that just means enjoying your own patio with the ice-cold drink of your choice).

Fitting into a number of different categories and methods of monitoring, see if one of these remote monitoring tools could be the key to helping you get some real time off!

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iOS 6: Users Will be Offered Email Addresses

ios6Beta 3, the latest iteration of iOS 6 brought with it a number of new features –not the least of which being that iCloud users will have the option of getting a brand spanking new e-mail address (based on your Apple ID).

This new offering represents an evolution away from the .me e-mail addresses that began in the early days of MobileMe (which also followed the old .mac addresses).

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Apple Works to Block Russian Hacker’s In-App Purchase Exploit


As we reported last week, a Russian hacker found a loophole in the in-app purchasing system used by Apple for iOS-based purchases. This discovery gave free access to content that would otherwise come at a cost to users (and a profit to developers).

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Twitter for iPad Sees Improvements and Enhancements – iPad App Review

TwitterThe native Twitter client was already pretty good, but a series of recent enhancements have made it a whole lot better. At first glance, the updated app looks pretty much the same –but there are definitely a number of changes that you are going to love.

While there are a few more major changes, subtle differences include: improvements to search autocomplete for users, better discover which now indicates when new stories are available for you to view, performance improvements and the addition of the all-important new Twitter bird.

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Rovio Looks to Repeat Success of ‘Angry Birds’ with New Game ‘Amazing Alex’

Amazing Alex HD

Rovio knows a thing or two about creating a great game for mobile devices (you may have heard of their other little franchise: Angry Birds). Their next entry into the market is with a new game called Amazing Alex, a physics-based puzzle game starring a whiz kid with a boundless imagination and a houseful of fun toys.

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Airbus Pilots Take to the Skies with iPad Flight Bag

AirbusFlying aircraft and iPad use are becoming an inseperable combination. Next to come on-board is Airbus, becoming the first aircraft manufacturer to provide their performance-calculating applications as part of an electronic flight bag (EFB). These suites, dubbed “FlySmart with Airbus” will be available as part of their EFC portfolio directly from the App Store (with licenses only available for Airbus customers).

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TED Launches TED Books App for iPhone, iPad

Ted Talks

No matter your interests or line of work, there is a TED Talk to address it. Now, with a slick new storefront style app, the books produced every two weeks by TED Conferences are available directly on your iPad and iPhone (complete with accompanying audio, photography, video and social network features).

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