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All-New YouTube App Released Ahead of iOS 6, iPad Version Coming Soon


Much like those who ask for a Kleenex when they are looking for a facial tissue or request that you make a Xerox when what they really want is a photocopy, YouTube is becoming a proper noun these days… this place where we all go to see the videos that everybody is talking about. Just ahead of the exected release of iOS 6, our trusted Internet friend has released an update for their iPhone and iPod touch app (with a new iPad version expected very soon)!

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Top iPad Accessories to Play Music in Your Car

iPad Car Audio

Nothing goes better with a road-trip than the perfect tunes, and your iPad can happily deliver them to your waiting ears… all you need is the perfect accessory; luckily there is an option out there for you no matter the make, model or vintage of your vehicle.

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Can the Wikipad Gaming Tablet Gain any Market Share?


We all know that gaming on mobile devices is incredibly popular. We all do it to one extent or another. It’s also possible that portable gaming systems (like the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation PSP/Vita) have survived because of their interfaces giving access to push buttons and joystick-like controls that make gamers feel more like they are, in fact, gaming. If this supposition is true, it may spell success for the WikiPad tablet coming to us this fall from GameStop, the world’s largest multichannel retailer of video games.

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Backside Controls for Gaming Coming to iPad?


There is no question that people are using their iPad for gaming; nearly everybody that owns one is doing a little tossing of Angry Birds or more serious dungeon battles. Because of this, it makes perfect sense that the next series of architecture upgrades to the iPad would include changes that make it easier and even more enjoyable to play games.

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Lady Gaga’s App soon to Join the iPad, iPhone

Lady GagaApparently the correct answer to the question, “What do you do next after wearing a dress made entirely out of meat?” is actually, “create an interactve iPad app filled with videos for every song on your new album, plus include a whole bunch of bonus music, games, magazines, chats and fashion updates!” At least that’s how it seems with the new app coming from Lady Gaga that is being described as a true multimedia experience that will be available for the iPad and iPhone as well as numerous other mobile and desktop devices.

It should go without saying that anything coming from Gaga will be unique, but the entertainer promises this app will be different from what we have seen from musicians to date.

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Pioneer Hits the Beat with New iPad DJ App and Wireless Mixer

PioneerPioneer is back at it with a new professional DJ product, the next generation of their flagship CDJ player, the CDJ-2000nexus.

DJ’s among us should be prepared to drool with this new unit being loaded with features (such as Beat Sync, Wave Zoom and Slip for added performance and reliability) and fully compaticle with Pioneer’s new rekordbox™ App for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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Even More iPad Mini Mockups Hit the Web

iPad Mini

In many ways this is uncharted territory for Apple fans: anticipation for two mobile product launches in the same season. Sure Apple has released multiple things at once in the past, but this time they are hitting the same consumers quite specifically with both. Of course, this actually makes ‘launch season’ twice as exciting and has the rumor mill churning as fast as possible right now. The latest speculations surround the potential iPad Mini and what it might look like based on everything we’ve been able to guess at and suss out.

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iRig KEYS Adds MIDI Keyboard to iOS devices

iRigHow cool is this new IK Multimedia product? iRig KEYS boasts being “the first ultra-slim and highly portable MIDI controller keyboard” that works directly with your iPad (and iPhone or iPod Touch) connecting directly using the 30-pin dock connector (or USB port on your Mac/PC). With a complete 3-octave range (plus one note) accessed by 37 velocity-sensitive mini-keys, this might just become a revolutionary device for the musician on the go!

Not only does this keyboard fit easily in a backpack or carry-on bag, it also features ultra-low power consumption which means it is incredibly easy to be going further for longer (powered directly from your device)!

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Elgato Releases EyeTV for iOS

ElgatoOne of the questions I get asked the most is how I choose to watch my favorite television programs directly on my iPad. While many options exist, the new Elgato eyetv mobile is one of the most remarkable because it is a DTT (Freeview) TV tuner that connects to your iPad (second or third generation as well as the iPhone 4s!) and receives television signals directly from its telescopic aerial.

Coupled with the free EyeTV mobile app, you can start using your iPad like a portable television screen: pick a channel and start watching!

Oh, and don’t forget… because the signal is being received from the attached telescopic aerial, you do not need an active Internet connection in order to watch TV!

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iPad Mini Should Come in 2 Flavors, Just Like Full-Blown iPad

Marco Arment

Instapaper creator, Marco Arment, has been around the block a time or two when it comes new Apple product releases and peeking around in the guts and glory of iOS. This is why we pay such close attention when he gives us any sort of prediction about what we might be able to expect from the incredibly-secretive tech giant.

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