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LEGO to Offer 3D Building Instructions via iPad App


Is there anything more awesome than LEGO? If you answered no, you are in good company –and now with the help of Autodesk, LEGO just got even cooler! Using their new app, The LEGO Group is giving you access to a host of of 3D Building Instructions for LEGO MINDSTORMS!

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Apple Gear Will go on Sale at US Staples Stores Soon


Staples retail stores across the United States will soon be selling Apple products, making it even more convenient to grab your favorite accessories, MacBooks, iPads, and iPods. Canadian-based Staples stores have been stocking Apple gear for some time now, which has been a good thing with fewer Apple stores in Northern locations.

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Mad Scientists Rejoice! Autodesk Lets You Build 3D Creatures with New iPad App

123dAutodesk is back with 123D Creatures, an iPad app that lets you bring your imagination to life with the creation of fun 3-dimensional creatures. Begin by designing your creature and ‘sculpting’ in your detail, which can include adding skin, feathers, wings, fins, horns, claws or paws to your biped or quadruped. When everything is just how you saw it in your head, export your finished product into an image or 3D model, share it with all of your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter or “have it 3D printed into a real sculpture!”

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Steve Jobs Wanted to Create an Apple iCar Before his Death


Italian industrial designer Franco Grassi had a few ideas about what an Apple-branded automobile would look like and he pulled them together into the mockup shown above. Is it beautiful? Absolutely. Is it practical? Not in the slightest. Unless and until we see an actual iCar, who knows what it would look like… One certainty with Apple is that they appreciate form, but it has to follow function (at least when Steve Jobs was at the reigns).

Steve Jobs would have loved making an iCar. Apparently he even said so in an interview with the New York Times prior to his death.

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Apple Unveils Custom App URLs During Tonight’s Superbowl


Most people were watching the Superbowl tonight because they were interested in football. Others were watching because they wanted to see the extravagant TV ads. If you happen to fall into the second category and you are at least a little geeky (which I count as a good thing) you may have noticed that Apple debuted a new service for developers: vanity URLs.

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Rovio Could Go the Third Party Route to Launch Tiny Thief in the Spring


Rovio may have their next title available this spring (by way of a small third-party developer from Barcelona). Previewed at the GDC last year, Tiny Thief is labeled as a ‘mind boggling adventure’ that engages you as a thief who is very busy “creating diversions, setting traps, and avoiding obstacles to get to the goal on each level.”

Initial reviews of the title indicated that the game was impressive if not unexpected (somehow effectively combining things like: a camp, a candy store, and a robot).

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Never Forget Your Shopping LIst Again with Shopping Pro (Grocery List) – iPad App Review

shoppingHow many times have you realized that you forgot your shopping list at about the same time as you pulled into the parking lot at your favorite grocery store? Ever make it home only to be reminded by your spouse that they needed you to grab an extra ingredient for supper?

Anybody with a memory that can occasionally fail them will benefit greatly from Shopping Pro (Grocery List): a shopping list app that uses the power of iCloud sync to give your entire family the ability to “share, modify and shop with a common, living list whenever and wherever they are.”

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Readdle Releases Documents, a Great Cloud-integrated Document and Media manager for iPad

docsThere are dozens (of thousands) of apps out there that promise to improve your productivity but very few truly deliver –and most only do part of the job. With a whole new version of Documents by Readdle, this app promises to be completely new and very different; a true one-stop-shop for document and media management on your iPad.

Read, listen, view, download and annotate virtually any content your iPad will come across –including files, documents, music, videos and even books!

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Report Finds iPad Mini is the Preferred Tablet for Kids


My children have their own iPads, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Anybody who disagrees and thinks that is a bad parenting choice can feel free to observe my two year old son do puzzles and play matching games at a third grade level.

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Get Your Brain in Gear Playing HEX IT: Awesome Puzzle Game for iPad

puzzleWhatever you think your plans were for the day: cancel them. If you start playing HEX IT: Awesome Puzzle Game for iPad, chances are very good that it will be a long while before you stop.

Curious what it’s all about? Think Rubik’s cube meets slider puzzle meets the hexagon and you’ll have some idea. HEX IT is addictive to be sure but it is also easy to learn, easy to play and the right amount of challenging to make it truly fun.

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