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Apple’s New Lightning Dock Adapter Could Become a Nightmare for Users

One of the major upgrades in the new iPhone 5 and iPod line is the Lightning dock connector, which is significantly smaller, all-digital and reversible.  To help lucky new owners grandfather in their old accessories, there’s the convenient little Lightning to 30-pin Adapter available for $29 on the Apple website.  But is it really going to be that simple?  Probably not.

If you have more than one docking station, chances are you’ll want more than one adapter rather than have to run and find whatever dock you left it on to use it.  If you travel, you’ll probably want to have one in your bag as well.  What about your car charger, or perhaps the built-in connector on your car stereo?  Or do you just bite the bullet and use it as an opportunity to upgrade to something new?

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Apple’s Took 3 Years to Design EarPods But are They Any Good?

Amid the excitement over the new iPhone 5 it might be easy to miss a new accessory announcement, but the all-new EarPods released today should not be overlooked.  The completely redesigned earbuds were engineered with comfort in mind to accommodate more people’s ears while also providing higher audio quality.

Apple has been developing the EarPods for the past three years, utilizing 3D scanning to do extensive research on the geometry of a wide range of people’s ears in order to determine the best possible fit for a variety of ear types.  Instead of the standard round shape, the new design is shaped to nest comfortably just inside the ear and features a more stable fit unlike any earbuds on the market.

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Apple’s New Line of iPods

Apple has refreshed their entire iPod line with some exciting new improvements, adding better features and fresh new colors.  Here’s a rundown of the latest models:

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Apple Fights Amazon Back by Discounting E-book Prices

Amid the fallout from the Department of Justice’s settlement with three major publishers for conspiring with Apple to fix prices, it appears that Apple is doing an about-face from their previous agency model and dropping prices even lower than Amazon’s on some titles, showing that they are ready and willing to compete.

The DOJ’s ruling last week has forced Apple to tear up existing “agency model” contracts with the major publishers HarperCollins, Hachette and Simon & Schuster that had allowed them to enforce a set retail price for their ebook titles across all retailers.  Previously, the “wholesale model” favored by Amazon had allowed retailers to sell the book for any price they wished, even at a loss.

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iPhone and Apple Take Top Spots on the Latest Millennial Media Report

Apple has again topped the list on Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix Q2 report analyzing the ad impression market share as the leading manufacturer, with the iPhone also taking the top spot as the leading individual mobile device.

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iPad Mini Rumors: “Finished” Design Pictures Leaked


Supposed images of an iPad mini were leaked on a Chinese blog today and later published by a French Apple blog, possibly revealing the finished design of the upcoming iPad mini for the first time.

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Airlines Getting Ready for Apple’s Passbook?

A Virgin Australia passenger running a beta version of iOS 6 claims he received a prompt to save a digital boarding pass to Passbook when he opened it in Safari on his iPhone, indicating that the airline already has support set up for Apple’s forthcoming app being released with iOS 6.

The digital boarding pass must have been using Apple’s new “.pkpass” mime type, which is the file type that allows the Safari browser and email clients to recognize boarding passes for Passbook storage.  It has been available to developers for some time, but up until now there has been little evidence of a major airline utilizing it.  Currently only United Airlines has officially signed on to support Passbook, but other carriers are sure to follow suit soon as many already support barcode-based digital ticketing.

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Apple Working on Pandora-Like Service?

Apple, whose iTunes store is already a dominating force in the digital music industry, apparently now has plans to shake up the competition in Internet radio by developing their own service similar to Pandora that would stream music customized to users’ tastes.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Apple is in the early stages of negotiating with record labels for the service, although the full scope of their plans are unclear.  Three people involved leaked the information, but asked to remain unidentified since the negotiations are private.  Apple has declined to comment.

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A New Version of Mobile Google Drive Almost Ready for iOS

A post on the Google blog and a tweet announcing new features for the upcoming version of Google Drive for iOS and Android briefly appeared yesterday.  Both were deleted by Google shortly afterward, but some quick-acting users were able to capture the release notes.

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Apple Sends Out Invitations to iPhone 5 Event on September 12

It’s official – the “rumored” September 12 Apple event we’ve been talking about for weeks is definitely happening, and the invitations have gone out.  It is scheduled to take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at 10 AM PST.

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