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Jenni is a healthy-living food blogger who rarely lets her iPad leave her side. Find her on Twitter @spoonfulatatime.

Almost 100% of Tablet-based Web Browsing on iPad

A new study released yesterday claims that the iPad accounts for a whopping 98.1% of all tablet web traffic on sites running the Onswipe platform, clearly showing that iPad users seem to be the most engaged in browsing on their tablets.

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Cook Apologizes for New Maps App Shortcomings

It seems that the flak over Apple Maps, being termed “Mapplegate,” has been fierce enough to warrant a public apology letter from Tim Cook on Apple’s website that admits to falling short on their commitment and offers other services as temporary solutions.

Apologies are rare from Apple – the last time we saw one was after the news hit regarding the antenna issues with the iPhone 4 back in 2010.  But even then it wasn’t really an apology, as Steve Jobs argued that every phone maker had suffered similar problems, and that there hadn’t been that many reports of issues.  This time around, Cook sounds much more contrite.

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Google Reportedly Working on $99 Nexus Tablet to Beat iPad Mini

Google is rumored to be working with Asustek on two new versions of its Nexus tablet, priced at $99 and $199, apparently intended to compete directly with Apple’s iPad mini.

According to industry sources, the new versions of the tablet are expected to be thinner and will utilize panels made by HannStar Display.  Both models are reportedly scheduled to release prior to the end of 2012.

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Rumor of the Day: iPad 4 to Feature 16:9 Widescreen Display Just Like iPhone 5

It is possible that the next generation iPad may feature a 16:9 widescreen display to mimic the dimensions of the new iPhone 5, as reported today by the Examiner.

Tech industry analyst Paul Mueller claims that there are iPad prototypes at Apple with widescreen ratios.  “I have talked to at least three people close to Apple who say that there are new iPad prototypes that have a 16:9 aspect ratio. They aren’t talking about the upcoming iPad mini either,” Mueller said in an interview. He added that he will have more information in the next couple of weeks.

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Garmin Takes Advantage of Apple’s Maps Shortcomings – Releases Updated App Full of Features

Apple’s new Maps app has caused a lot of complaints from iOS 6 users, and many are likely looking elsewhere for options to get a full-featured and correct map app.  Garmin is jumping at the opportunity to draw new customers with a newly updated Garmin U.S.A. app featuring urban guidance, panorama view 3D and Google Street View.

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Apple Focused on Improving New Maps App, Recruiting Google Maps Employees

Watch out, Google – Apple wants your people!  Recruiters for Apple are going after software engineers with experience developing Google Maps to help with issues in their new Maps app, released with iOS 6 last week, that have caused an uproar among Apple users expecting a much better product.

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Apple Working on Facial Recognition Based Security Mechanisms

On Thursday the U.S. Patent and Trademark office released an Apple patent application for a system that could lock and unlock devices using automatic facial recognition.

The application describes a mobile device that automatically captures and analyzes a user’s face, or lack thereof, to lock and unlock itself.  Some manufacturers have pursued the idea of using facial recognition technology like this in the past, but Apple’s idea of using it to automate locking and unlocking is an interesting twist.

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AT&T Launches 4G LTE in 10 New Markets

Today AT&T launched its fastest 4G LTE network in 10 additional markets in advance of the   iPhone 5 release tomorrow, which is Apple’s first 4G LTE capable smartphone.

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Wacom’s New Bamboo Stylus Expands for the Job

Today Wacom launched a new addition to its stylus line, the Bamboo Stylus pocket.  The new stylus is designed for ultimate portability by expanding, extending and contracting to meet varying needs such as writing, sketching or navigating.

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Twitter’s Rebuilt iPad App Packs Cool New Features

The Twitter app for iPad has received a makeover, featuring a new profile look and an increased prominence for pictures to enhance the visual experience.

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