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Gabrielle Pickard is a freelance writer based in the UK. Being partial for being up-to-date with the latest technology, Gabrielle has been writing gadget-based content since finishing her degree in 2002. Being the quickest to provide news about the latest trends stemming from the world of technology, writing for PadGadget/TapCentral, is therefore, for Gabrielle, the perfect post. Contact me via Twitter: @GabsP78

Apple’s New Patent Targets New 3D GUI for iOS Devices

Now let’s be honest, Apple ‘paves the way’ in most modern technology, so to learn that the multinational consumer electronics giant is ‘paving the way for a new 3D GUI for iOS devices’ doesn’t really come as a surprise.

The news was launched on January 12, 2012, when, according to Patently Apple, “The US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals an exciting new 3D GUI for iOS mobile devices.”

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WooWee Shows off AppGear Toys for iOS and Augmented Reality at CES

Forget your Sensia 200D music system or your Griffin ‘Twenty’ Airport Express Amp, as it’s the notion of ‘amplified reality’ that is taking center-stage at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. This new concept that has effectively been born through interacting physical toys with mobile devices through dedicated apps has been developed by the robotic and digital toymakers, WowWee, which announced the launch of six new toys at CES called AppGear.

The AppGear line is extending the idea of connecting traditional children’s toys with apps and, in doing so, creating an ‘amplified reality’ by blending ‘actual’ toys with a virtual world.

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Corning Unveils New Gorilla Glass 2, Great for Mobile Devices

During an Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2010, Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone 4, being just 9.3mm thick, would be 24 percent thinner than its predecessor. Slim and sleek devices are an almost contemporary obsession amongst modern technology consumers, with manufacturers competing wildly to create devices that surpass rivals in the thinness stakes.

Given our present-day desire to own mobiles so slim that they seem to effortlessly glide into our pockets, it stands to reason that electronic companies sought slender components, as the slimmer the constituents, the sleeker the device will be.

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New Report from Millenial Media – iPhone Still on Top, Kindle Fire… on Fire

This week Millennial Media, the leading independent mobile advertising and data company, released its latest report, providing some interesting insight into the growth of the mobile industry and its leading players in the month of November.

In the Device & Manufacturing section of the report, Millennial Media found that during November Apple continued to be the leading device manufacturer on the mobile platform, taking a 26% slice of the Top 15 Manufacturers impression share. Somewhat unsurprisingly the iPhone remained the top individual phone, representing 14% of the Top 20 Mobile Phone impression share.

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Say it Ain’t So! AT&T Begins Throttling Data Heavy iPhone Users

“The five percent”, is a common intonation somewhat similar to the associating American citizens at present, as on top of the infamous “We’re the ninety-nine percent” Occupy Wall Street chants that have escalated through the US and the world in general.

AT&T has now implemented a similar scenario by throttling its “top five percent data users” to 2G speeds. Breaking the news in a, some could say cowardly fashion; AT&T subscribers received the news via text message.

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Carrier IQ: What, How, Why?

Earlier this month we reported that Apple had issued a statement informing the press and users that it had, “stopped supporting Carrier IQ with iOS 5 in most of our products and will move it completely in a future software update.”

Since we made the report, the controversy involving Carrier IQ has escalated from being a minor ‘problem’ to a fully-fledged ‘scandal’, with class action lawsuits being filed against all of the major carriers in the US, some manufactures, and now even Europe becoming involved. So what exactly is all the Carrier IQ uproar about? And how may the scandal pan out?

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What Ron Johnson Learned from Building the Apple Store

Ron Johnson joined Apple in January 2000. During his 11 years working as the Senior Vice President of Retail Operations at Apple, Johnson pioneered the concept of the Apple Retail Stores and the Genius Bar, the tech support stations located outside every Apple Retail Store.

Under Johnson’s direction and in collaboration with Steve Jobs, Apple Retail Stores exceeded a billion dollars in annual sale within two years of being launched, achieving a record level of growth, with customers simply adoring the look, layout and atmosphere of the stores. Since Ron Johnson announced plans to leave Apple for Plano, Texas-based J.C. Penney Co., two questions remain unanswered – Will Ron Johnson be able to replicate the Apple Store’s success in such a different retail environment? And Johnson’s replacement as Senior Vice President of Retail Operations at Apple be able to live up to the legacy Johnson has left behind at Apple?

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Navigon Updates iOS GPS Apps

The German-based manufacturer of GPS devices and software Navigon has updated its iOS GPS navigation app with several important updates. The most notable of the updates is the possibility of downloading maps in the U.S state by state.

What would be the point of that you may ask? With the ability to download maps that focus solely on one state, users would save up to 1.7GB of storage space, the standard size of Navigon’s maps.

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Is a Native Gmail App about to Come to iPad and iPhone?

For several years now, the one thing that Android users have held over iPhone users is being able to use Gmail on their smartphone.

Although the days of iPhone and iPad users pining for Gmail to no avail may soon be over as rumors have it that a native Gmail app for iPhone and iPad is finally on its way…

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Convenient, Safe and Mobile – Pageonce’s Mobile Phone Bill Service Has To Be a Winner

The mobile financial service Pageonce was one of the first iPhone apps to be launched, and proved highly successful, quickly attracting a following of more than five million users. Although despite the service’s popularity, Pageonce has been missing one feature, mobile phone bill.

Being able to pay all your bills and manage your money, anytime, anywhere, from one convenient app, does sound appealing, although consumers may be reluctant to pay the $4.99 a month that the company is charging for the bill pay service on Pageonce’s iPhone and Android apps.

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