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Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

Create Your Own Comic With Cookie Next Door ~ Rainy Days – iPad App Review

cookieappCookie Next Door ~ Rainy Days lets children create, narrate, and soundtrack their own stories. Kids will love hamming it up as they create different voices and story lines for this sandbox-style digital comic book.

Billed as a “storyteller kit with voice discombobulator,” the app’s splash screen emulates a surprise package that just arrived in the mail. After opening the package the child can create a new story (“Let’s Play”) or visit the storyteller’s theater, voice studio, and bookshelf.
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Best of Kylie Kwong Brings Delicious Chinese-Inspired Recipes to iOS – iPad App Review

KKappWhile Kylie Kwong’s relaxed, modern approach to Chinese cuisine may be new to American readers, Kwong is already a familiar face in her home country of Australia and in the UK, where she appears on BBC TV. Thanks to Kwong’s recent universal iOS app, Best of Kylie Kwong, home cooks around the world now have easy access to her recipes.

The app’s 50 recipes won’t scare off beginners — in the first recipe she actually makes salt and pepper. More advanced cooks will find a collection of recipes, such as the Stir-Fried Pumpkin with Black Beans and Ginger that use familiar ingredients in new ways.

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Finally, an iPad Capacitative Stylus in Pink — A Kickstarter Project

There are certain people, most often, though not always, women, who can’t get enough pink. While Apple has yet to make a pink iPhone or iPad, pink Smart Covers and other rosy-hued accessories are very popular with iOS users.

If the folks at Dexterous round up enough Kickstarter backers, then iPad users will soon be able to purchase a Stylex 3-in-1 Writing Tool in soft pink. Did I mention in comes in black too, if you must. The Stylex combines a pen (choose from a dependable ballpoint or colorful Hi-Tec-C), a mechanical pencil, and a 3.8 mm stylus with an eraser on top.

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Top iPad Apps to Teach Kids US Geography

libertyiPadWhen you say “Bismarck” does your child know to parrot back “North Dakota” (like little Noah in the Simpson’s episode “Father Knows Worst“) or does he greet you with the same blank stare he usually reserves as a response when he is asked to clean his room? Even if your child hasn’t yet had to memorize the Fifty Nifty United States and their capitals, many parents want their children to possess a basic knowledge of their home country, as well as the world.

Recently we covered top world geography apps, but there are a number that focus specifically on the United States. Whether your child prefers to explore US geography by playing games, completing puzzles, or taking quizzes, there is sure to be an app to please him.

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Will Teacher Enthusiasm About Digital Learning Put an iPad in Every Backpack?


Today is Digital Learning Day. Didn’t realize it? You’re not alone. Do not, however, mistake the lack of awareness about the day with a concurrent lack of enthusiasm about the role of technology in educating preK-12 students. According to a recent PBS Learning Media survey, a whopping three-fourths of teachers believe technology allows them to reinforce and expand on content.
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Behind the App: Enthusiasm and Dedication Bring PB&J Publishing’s Hansel and Gretel: Lost to Life

While the App Store is full of iOS versions of fairy tales, few retellings are as expressive or well-designed as PB&J Publishing’s Hansel and Gretel: Lost for iPad (PadGadget = 4.5 stars)

PB&J’s Jessica Bogart was kind enough to share her thoughts on perseverance, viral marketing, and just how many people it takes to bring an iOS app to market. Ms. Bogart was willing to work into the wee hours to make bring her app to life, but don’t make her choose whether she’d rather have pie or cake for dessert.

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Got the Starbucks App? Download Pick of the Week Music Wherever You Are

starbucksappAt PadGadget we’re big fans of Starbucks Pick of the Week program. Sure, we’d love it even more if they gave away apps every single week, but it is nice to get the musical pick without heading out to the coffee shop.

Through its iOS app Starbucks notifies iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users whenever there is a new free song to download, which happens about once a week.
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Logophiles Rejoice! Download Wordflex Touch Dictionary – iPad App Review

wordflexappWhether you like to read the dictionary with the fervor that most people reserve for tackling a Stephen King novel, or you keep your dictionary under glass, reserving it for emergency use, you are sure to enjoy using Wordflex Touch Dictionary.

Wordflex Touch is so easy to use and thorough that it may actually convert an emergency-only dictionary reader to a meaning-obsessed daily user. This iPad-only app offers three modes: search, entry, and shuffle. Not only does search allow a user to look up her favorite ten dollar word, but when she types in a simpler word with a common root, related words fill the screen, simulating what one might see on the page of a real dictionary.
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January Kids’ App Roundup: Ten iPad Apps We Love

We at PadGadget are lucky, lucky people because so many wonderful apps cross our digital desktops that we can’t possibly review them all. In this month’s installment of the Kids’ App Round Up, we include 10 fantastic apps that will appeal to budding artists, tree huggers, and little monsters. Plus, many of these books and activities are free!

Did we miss anything? Please share the name of your favorite newly released edu-apps and games for kids in the comments.

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Its Creators Think the PocoWool iPad Cover is Smarter than Apple’s – Will Kickstarter Agree?

Accessory design firm PocoMaru is no stranger to Kickstarter thanks to the company’s successful PocoWool Clutch campaign which received funding in early January. For its current campaign the Seattle-based startup has its sights set on giving the iPad an even smarter cover.

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