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Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

Enjoy Cooking and Eating Better with Green Kitchen’s Healthy Desserts — iPad App Review

hdappIt’s a dilemma that many folks with a sweet tooth face: dessert is bad for you. Usually. Green Kitchen’s Healthy Desserts, inspired by the husband and wife duo who run the vegetarian food blog Green Kitchen Stories, offers 48 dessert recipes that aren’t quite so unhealthy. Many of the recipes are suitable for vegan or gluten free diets.

Considering the recent New York Times pieces on the evils of sugar and junk food respectively, even omnivores have good reason to search out healthier alternatives when it’s time for dessert.

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Top iPad Apps to Teach Kids about Stars, Planets, and the Universe

spacelistAt times, the app store may seem like a vast, incomprehensible space, but it’s still puny compared to the universe. Fortunately, there are a number of high quality iPad apps that accurately portray the vastness of the cosmos while simultaneously making the outer reaches of space accessible, even to children. We found a range of high quality apps to recommend, whether a child wants to learn more about stars, the Solar System, or the whole universe.

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Amplify iPad Rear-Facing Speaker With Sabine – A Kickstarter Project

Cupping sound waves to amplify their volume is an old trick, but with Sabine (pronounced SUH-bīne — rhymes with time, not team), an iPad audio accessory, this ageless approach to better sound fits perfectly with the iPad’s modern sheen. Developer 7Decibels turned to Kickstarter to bring Sabine to the masses.

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Behind the App: SlateScience Debuts SlateMath, Attends SXSWedu

Learning math can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming. Enter SlateScience, whose debut app, SlateMath hopes to end math frustration before it begins. Plus, the app adapts to a child’s strengths and weaknesses while she plays. How cool is that?

SlateScience’s CEO and co-founder, Guy Vardi, was kind enough to explain how SlateMath makes learning more intuitive, while adhering to Common Core standards. He also shares what SlateScience has planned for SXSWedu.

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Don’t Miss Reading A Troop is a Group of Monkeys – iPad App Review

troopappPerhaps because they offer such a mix of the obvious and the unexpected, lists of the collective nouns we use to refer to animals are endlessly entertaining. A Troop is a Group of Monkey‘s uses the comedy and absurdity inherent in these words as the premise for a new children’s storybook app for iPad from Little Bahalia Publishing.

The result is playful, sonorous, and surprising. Yes, Virginia, it really is called a bloat of hippomatomi.

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Top iPad Apps To Teach Life Skills to Kids

iPadlifeskillfeatWe’ve all seen the story about using the iPad as a motivator to toilet train a child, which elicits some well-deserved eye rolls from parents, but anyone who is skeptical about the iPad’s ability to help a child learn to manage money and chores, tie his shoes, brush his teeth, or clean his room should think again. Plus, you don’t have to bring a tablet computer worth hundreds of dollars into the bathroom.

What are your favorite life skill apps for kids? Among the many expected suggestions, I’ve got one unorthodox entry — Minecraft Pocket Edition. Read more about it after the break.

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No Outlet? No Problem! Charge an iPad with Ultra-High Capacity Battery – An Approved Kickstarter Post

kickstartbattAnthony Vilgiate travels 200 nights a year for business, which means the man spends a lot of time fighting for precious electrical outlet space in airport terminals. To keep his iPad and other gadgets charged up and ready to go, he invented a range of ultra-high capacity batteries which are all about the size of an iPhone. His product is so new that Vilgiate has yet to formally name it, but iPad-toting business travelers can get their hands on one of his units on Kickstarter, where the project has blown out its funding goal.

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Behind the App: iMagine Machine Builds Right-Brained iOS Apps


When I reviewed Faces iMake last summer, I was impressed by the app’s ability to turn digital images of everyday objects (food, office supplies, etc.) into artful, colorful collages. The app’s developer, iMagine Machine, has recently released Faces iMake ABC, which takes young users through the alphabet, emphasizing phonics. Faces iMake shares the exuberance of its predecessor, and reminds me of the clever, animated shorts that Sesame Street runs for each letter of the alphabet.

Eyal Dessou Tzafrir, iMagine Machine’s co-founder, was kind enough to share his thoughts about “slow apps,” the perils of multi-tasking, and the essential contribution of artist Hanoch Piven (author of What Presidents Are Made Of) to the Faces iMake series.

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Try Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe for Free — Starbucks Pick of the Week

bcoxBrian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe is a beautifully rendered, educational journey through space narrated by Brian Cox, a British particle physicist with a knack for breaking down the abstruse functions of the universe. It is the kind of app that justifies owning an iPad.

Cox tours the user through all that is, from the unconscionably tiny subatomic particles to the equally mind-numbingly large universe, with a stops at Earth. Released as a tie-in to a print series of books with the same name, Wonders of the Universe brings the reader closer to the quark, and covers astronomical wonders such as Red Giants, Neutron stars and, the frightening, but intriguing Black Hole.

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Timeless, yet Modern, Spatter & Spark is an Original Children’s Story for iOS – iPad App Review

spatsparkappThe only thing better than keeping our readers abreast of the latest Kickstarter projects is when, as with Polk Street Press’ newest kids’ digibook, Spatter & Spark, we get to enjoy the finished product. Spatter & Spark are an artistic porcupine and an invention-loving fox, whose curiosity and friendship will delight four to six-year-old readers.

Spatter & Spark work together to solve the porcupine’s problem: he wants to paint the portrait of Hubert the baby crow, but he can’t reach the crow’s nest, and the diminutive bird is afraid to fly down to model for him. As the story unfolds, it’s Spark to the rescue as the clever fox dreams up a way to get Spatter up to mama crow’s nest.
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