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Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

Toca Boca-backed Sago Sago Releases First App, Sago Mini Sound Box

sagosagoToca Boca, the Swedish developer extraordinaire, boasts an impressive track record of hit kids’ apps. Toca Boca acquired Canadian developer zinc Roe back in March. The result of the marriage was Sago Sago, a new, Toronto-based developer, whose first app, Sago Mini Sound Box, premieres on the App Store today.

Get ready to make some noise! With Sago Mini Sound Box, kids tap their way through nine different sound makers from wind chimes to barking puppies. As the child taps the screen she releases colorful dots that sound off on a theme. As the screen fills with dots, whose sounds compliment each other, the child is encouraged to play around with the different sound combinations.
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Angry Birds Developer Rovio Plans to Publish iOS Games from other Developers

Rovio_Stars_landscape Finnish gaming juggernaut Rovio plans to launch Rovio Stars, which will expand its brand to include games created by third-party developers. The company hopes to help smaller devs market their games,  as they also please fans, and build their well-regarded brand.

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Barnes & Noble Updates iPad NOOK App – Adds Comics and Graphic Novels

Did you know that if you own an iPad you don’t actually need to own a NOOK to purchase eBooks from Barnes and Noble? All you need is the iOS NOOK app, which is free to download from the app store, then you can read NOOK books on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

This is good news for anyone with a B&N gift card burning a hole in his pocket. Plus, thanks to a recent upgrade, the iOS Nook app now supports comics and graphic novels.

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ABC’s Update to iOS App Will Support Live TV Stream

abctv According to the New York Times, ABC plans to update its existing iOS App to support live stream TV. As we reported earlier this year, this plan has been in the works for some time, and is about to come to fruition.

Starting this Tuesday, according to Gigaom, ABC viewers in the NYC and Philadelphia metro areas will be able to access this new feature by way of a “live” button within their iOS app. ABC is the first network to bring this capability to the iPad.
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Netflix iPad App Update Adds TV Episode ‘Post-Play’

Whether you are gearing up for the return of Arrested Development or engrossed in edge-of-seat dramas such as Top of the Lake or House of Cards, most Netflix fans find it’s even easier to blow through an entire season of content thanks to the iPad app‘s new post-play feature.

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Got Glare on Your iPad? Hoodi Has You Covered — a Kickstarter Project

hoodiAs iPad owners anticipate the arrival of summer, many will want to use their tablets outside. There’s just one problem: glare. Everyone loves sunny days, but just try reading the iPad screen in broad daylight once, and you’ll soon realize it’s not an easy task. Hoodi, a magnetic shade for the iPad and iPad mini, solves this problem, while also protecting user privacy and preventing the device from overheating in the hot sun. Hoodi creator Cindy Ries Hodnett turned to Kickstarter to raise funds to bring manufacture and market this innovative iPad accessory.
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Wee You-Things Blends Top-Notch Design With Touching Message — iPad App Review

weeytappRaising consciousness is dicey business. Kids can detect hokiness and fakery with sophistication that belies their years, so the most successful way to teach character building is often to put it into an irresistible package. Wee You-Things, a universal app designed by Wee Society, shares its message of accepting differences using colorful graphics, humor, and a seamless UI.

Wee Society’s tongue-in-cheek pledge sums up Wee You-Things’ philosophy: “We not-so-solemnly swear to help bring kids and their parents closer together with happy apps, artful activities and tales to transfix short attention spans.

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Meet RP-VITA, the New Face of Telemedicine, iPad Included

As we reported, telemedicine took a giant leap forward when the FDA approved an iPad toting robot that its creators believe will aid in patient care. iRobot (of Roomba fame) and InTouch Health teamed up to develop the RP-VITA, a robot with self-navigation capabilities and iPad integration that brings the doctor to the patient for virtual bedside care. The RP-VITA will soon see use in 7 different medical centers in the US and Mexico.

The RP-VITA causes almost no disruption to the routines of hospital staff, so rather than being the center of attention, RP-VITA’s creators hope that the technology will work so seamlessly that it will recede into the background allowing physicians and hospital staff to focus on the patient.

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Chef Sleeve Creates Smart Food Scale for iPad — a Kickstarter Project

Anyone who enjoys using an iPad in the kitchen may be familiar with Chef Sleeve‘s product line, which has expanded from the disposable plastic sleeves to include a cutting board and a dishwasher-safe iPad stand. The company hopes to release the Smart Food Scale, a Bluetooth-enabled kitchen scale with iPad integration, and has launched a Kickstarter project to fund this new effort. The user will be able to bring up nutritional information about the food she is weighing as she is preparing a meal. Genius!

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New Adonit Jot Touch 4 Stylus Offers Pressure Sensitivity, Palm Rejection

Adonit’s newest addition to its growing line of capacitative style, the Jot Touch 4 Stylus, makes drawing on an iPad more like putting pen to paper.

With most styli the user gets the same type of line regardless of how hard she presses. The Jot Touch 4 adds 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, which allows for more realistic representation of the natural variations in pressure that occur when we write or draw on paper. The stylus also employs what the company describes as “palm rejection,” which just means that it ignores your hand, so you can rest your palm on the iPad while drawing. This welcom addition promises to end the frustration of leaving stray marks on the iPad screen.

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