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Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

iPad Mini Reportedly Already in Production at Chinese Factory

Move over, Foxtron. There’s a new iPad assembly factory in town, and we call her Pegatron.

The Taiwanese paper Economic Daily News reports that Foxconn no longer holds the monopoly on iPad production. The paper reports that two security firms claim that Pegatron

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Apple Restores iCloud Email After Outage, Some Users Still Missing Emails

Nothing drives home how essential email is to our daily lives like losing access to it for 24 hours. Like many other iCloud email users, I was hit by this week’s outage. I lost access to my iCloud email account, which I use to push email from a variety of addresses to my various iOS devices. So, yeah, it was kind of a big deal.

Apple’s iCloud status page (which currently states that all services are online) said only 1.1% of iCloud users were affected. After reading forum posts with similar complaints, I determined the problem wasn’t on my end, so I placed a call to Apple Care.  I was directed to the iCloud support page and told there was nothing for me to do but wait.

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Behind the Wheel with Siri – Eyes Free Coming to iOS 6

During the June 2012 WWDC keynote, Apple announced Eyes Free a planned partnership with a number of automakers (BMW, GM, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler, and Honda) to integrate Siri into new car models.

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Hitch Your Wagon to These Starred iPad Navigational Apps

Nothing ruins a road trip like getting lost. Whether you want to catch some beautiful fall foliage, or go farther afield and explore a remote area by car, these five navigational apps will help stay the course.

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Tired of Cables? Get Cordless Mirroring with AirBridge — A Kickstarter Project

What’s most remarkable about AirBridge is what it doesn’t rely on cables, power sources, or special configurations to mirror iPad content.  Dreamed up by Artifex Touch, this campaign is relying on Kickstarter to fund its portable device, which could simplify presentations and lectures that rely on iPad mirroring.

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Kids Can Trick Out a Digital Ride with Create a Car – iPad App Review

As any parent with a basement full of Matchbox cars knows, kids are fascinated with cars, as well as other specialty vehicles such as trucks, buses, and construction equipment.

Edu-app developer ABCya‘s Create a Car, for iPad and iPhone/iPod, lets children trick out their own digital rides, store them in their personal garage, and even take one for a drive. This app is a fun way to indulge a child’s transportation fascination without having to stop to watch every digger, garbage truck, or school bus a child will happen to see.

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Drivers Ed Videos for iPad Preps Teens for Driving

With the proliferation of so many different online Driver’s Ed options, it’s not surprising to discover Driver’s Ed Videos — Volume 1 and Driver’s Ed Videos — Volume 2 for iPad, which a licensed Driver’s Ed teacher in Texas created to give nascent drivers another way to learn the rules of the road.

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Seven Poets and the Assassin’s Secret: Week Four Wrap-up

Week four of Seven Poets began the series’ second part, subtitled “a history, a mystery, a poet, a man…” Hands up if you think we’re going to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the children’s current de facto protector, Edmund Jordan. But first, we learn more about another intriguing character, Charles Richter’s Parisian-dwelling and (and now reportedly dead) sister, Elaine.

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Don’t Miss Meir Adoni’s Look & Cook — iPad App Review

Without doubt, the iPad is an excellent resource for the curious home cook. Stories about the digitalization of cooking tell us what foodies already know: some of the most interesting and beautiful cookbooks available aren’t at the book store, they are on the App Store.

The open-ended nature of app creation also leaves room for newcomers, such as Israeli chef Meir Adoni, to find a greater audience. Adoni curated the recipes for Look & Cook, a visually stunning compilation of inventive recipes.
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Go Mondrian! Craft Photo Collages with Layout – iPad App Review

As a fan of Juicy Bits’ comic-inspired app Halftone, I was excited to give Layout, the developers’ most recent release a whirl. Layout’s aims to enable users to create highly customized photo collages with a few simple taps, and the app lives up to these claims, though it didn’t work as fluidly as I would have liked.

Users can start with a brief tutorial that covers swiping to divide the screen into frames, introduces the radial menu, moving photos, and the color picker.
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