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Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

Audiobooks on the iPad: the Good, the Bad, and the M.I.A.

If you like audiobooks, chances are good that you love audiobooks. As a group audiobook listeners are likely to be well-educated, exercise frequently, and spend a lot of time in the car. They are, in other words, a group that merits publisher’s marketing efforts because they are not afraid to spend a little cash on entertainment.

Despite their enthusiasm and buying power, many audiobook lovers who want to listen on the iPad — or any iOS device — have met with frustration as iOS updates continue to complicate the process of downloading and listening to audiobooks through iTunes.

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Beck & Bo Offers Top Quality Edutainment for Preschoolers – iPad App Review

Pretend play goes digital with Beck and Bo. While it’s being marketed as a game, it’s educational too. Kids can explore 12 different interactive scenes that range from the familiar, such as a trip to the grocery store, to the imaginatively far-fetched, like a jungle safari.

Beck and Bo’s aesthetic is playful and clean. The game’s splash screen has 12 icons that resemble stickers displayed on a background that was designed to look like corrugated cardboard and paper grocery bags. These inviting graphics are sure to pique a child’s curiosity.
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Felt Board for iPad Gives Old-fashioned fun a Modern Twist – iPad App Review

Adults of a certain age probably remember felt boards. I know I do. Felt boards were always the province of the teacher, who them to tell stories to a group of seated children. I always wanted to get my hands on those felt shapes and now, decades later, I can. Only after using Felt Board for iPad, I prefer this modern version.

Felt Board for iPad is exactly what you think it is: a digital play space with countless backgrounds, colorful figures, clothing, animals, spacesuits, and magic wands. Felt Board brings back “no batteries” style play, making the iPad a device for creating an endless number of different tableaux.
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PadGadget Essentials: This Week’s Apps and Accessories for Politics and Elections

In honor of the upcoming Presidential election this week we are highlighting ways to use the iPad to keep up with politics and elections, we’ve brought you a breadth of choices for keeping up with political news, teaching kids about government, following White House events, and even how to have some politically-inspired fun whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican.

Now that we’ve shared these resources it’s time to zero in on a few apps and accessories that will help you keep up-to-date with the latest election news, and stay engaged in the political process.
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Revisit a Timeless Tale Made Modern with Lil’ Red – iPad App Review

The iPad does many things well, but I’m partial to its ability to reinvigorate a reader’s interest in a classic tale whether it’s Frankenstein, “The Tell-tale Heart“, or a fairy tale, the iPad helps developers create new interpretations of familiar stories. So it is with Brian Main‘s Lil’ Red.

Lil’ Red brings a modern aesthetic to the well-known story of Little Red Riding Hood. As Lil’ Red’s creators know, they probably aren’t introducing readers to Red for the first time, so they get to have a little fun by creating beautiful streamlined graphics that tell the tale without a single written word.

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Top iPad Apps to Teach Kids About Government and US History

While the iPad is never going to become a perfect substitute for irreplaceable teachers like U.S. History Teacher Mr. Murphy, who opened every year’s class with the same lecture — “Farmers are debtors, my dear children…” — it can make educating kids about exactly what government is and how it works more fun.

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Peekaboo Trick or Treat with Ed Emberley – iPad App Review

Night & Day Studios extends it Peekaboo app franchise with its latest offering, Peekaboo Trick or Treat. This universal app, which features the colorful and & kid friendly art of Ed Emberley, will help toddlers and pre-readers get into the Halloween spirit.

What’s behind the doors this time? Peekaboo Trick or Treat packs all the usual Halloween characters — ghosts, witches, spiders — but there are some surprises as well.

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FACET iPad Stand is Sleek and Sturdy – a Kickstarter Project

Many iPad owners bought Apple’s Smart Cover when it was released hoping to find a one-stop solution to waking the iPad from sleep, covering its screen, and supporting it at an angle. For many users, however, the Smart Cover is less than ideal as a stand, particularly if the user likes to prop up her device on a bed or other uneven surface. Enter FACET, the smart-looking, multi-angle magnetic stand that’s about to wrap up its Kickstarter funding period.

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Get Election Coverage on the iPad with These News-Focused Apps

The second Tuesday of November is just weeks away, so put down Fieldrunners 2 HD  for a minute and catch up on the 2012 Presidential Election with these newsy apps. Extra points if you figure out the name of the mysterious third party candidate pictured above with President Obama and Governor Romney.

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September Kids’ App Round Up: Ten iPad Apps We Love

We at PadGadget are lucky, lucky people because so many wonderful apps cross our digital desktops that we can’t possibly review them all. In this month’s installment of the Kids’ App Round Up, we include 10 hidden gems that parents might otherwise miss.

Did we miss anything? Please share the name of your favorite sleeper edu-apps and games for kids.
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