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Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

A Study in Thrift: How to Fill an iPad with Free E-books from Project Gutenberg

While nearly every reading app comes with an easily accessible stash of free public domain books a user can read from within the app, I get my free e-books from Project Gutenberg and read them in iBooks.

If Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Study in Scarlet is essentially the same regardless of its source, then why does it matter? Project Gutenberg pioneered free e-books back in the ’70s when computers still filled entire rooms. If you want to learn more there’s an entire e-book on the subject.

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GeoGebra Brings Math Education to the iPad — an Approved Kickstarter Project

Though its name implies a fondness for the teachings of Euclid, GeoGebra is a more than just free program that teaches geometry. This comprehensive software also includes algebra, tables, graphing, statistics, and calculus, and is appropriate for a range of ages from elementary school to graduate school.

Although an HTML5 version of the program is available at present its developers want to bring GeoGebra’s dynamic approach to mathematics to the iPad as a standalone app. Thanks to their successful Kickstarter campaign, they will be able to create a mobile version of GeoGebra.

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Reading Without Tears: Use the iPad to Encourage Reluctant Readers

If your child has a meltdown when it’s time to “drop everything and read,” consider using the iPad to build good reading habits and to help your child find content that interest him.

Of course parents can tell a child that “there’s no iPad until you’ve done your reading.” And, there are many, many high-quality kids book appsavailable that encourage children to read, for some kids reading remains a chore.

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Visit Crate&, Get Free Apps

Taking a page from Starbucks Pick of the Week program, home furnishings retailer Crate&Barrel is giving away apps from its “Get the Download” web page.

Not only does this new marketing initiative demonstrate how deeply apps have permeated into our culture, it gives iPad owners a chance to save some cash and get a few well-chosen apps for free. Presently the site is offering Speakeasy Cocktails (PadGadget Top 5) and Appetites (PadGadget Recommended). According to the site, the apps will be available for a limited time, and will be updated periodically.

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Social Reading Apps for the iPad: Buzz or Fizzle?

I love the idea of social reading apps, so why don’t I use them? Try as I might, I just can’t get hooked on Goodreads for iPad, Readmill, Subtext, or BookShout!. These free apps offer to create collaborative digital libraries that allow readers from far and near to discuss, share, and review books. Yet, at present, there is no social reading app that matches the pleasure of using Pinterest or the utility of Twitter.

Thanks largely to its Facebook integration, Goodreads is big fish of online social reading apps. Of the well-known personal book-tracking websites, which includes LibraryThing, Shelfari, and GoodReads, only GoodReads has an iOS app to compliment its online offering.

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Get Great Deals on Wine and Doorstep Delivery with Lot18 Wine for iPad – iPad App Review

Is your state among the many that now allow wine shipments to come direct to your door? As a New York resident who enjoys California wine, I was almost unconsolable when my favorite online source closed up shop earlier this year. Could Lot18 Wine be just what I was looking for? This free, universal iOS app is an offshoot of the popular website of the same name. Lot18 Wine looks to be for wine what Gilt is to shopping; namely a service that offers a limited amount of a quality product at a modest discount.

While discount rates vary, the average markdown on Lot18 was around 30 percent, which is enough to generate a reasonable savings on wine over the long-term. While I haven’t ordered any wine from Lot18 (yet), the iPad app offered a clean UI that was enjoyable to use.

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Enjoy World Renown Art and Design on the iPad with Top Museum Apps

Many iPad fans consider Apple’s products to be the perfect unity of technology and great design. The iPad’s high resolution touchscreen also makes it a great way to explore museum collections, so save the plane far and never leave your arm chair as you enjoy some of our favorite museum apps.

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Top iPad Apps for Music Exploration and Education

While it’s common for iPad users to stream music to their devices with apps such as Spotify or Slacker radio, or listen to their own music libraries through Apple’s native Music app, the iPad is also an excellent way to explore new musical genres or learn about Classical, Jazz, or even Opera at any age.

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Enjoy (and even buy) Art on the iPad with artCircles

When Twyla Tharp said, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home,” she probably wasn’t referring to artCircles, the free iPad app from — yeah, that’s right the people who sold you posters for your dorm room just made an iPad app, and it’s impressive.

In partnership with Hot Studio, created an app that will make the user feel (sort of) like a gallerina while lounging at home with this tricked-out art app.

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Blend in While You Stand Out with StacheBook for iPad — A Kickstarter Project

Despite our love of all things digital we at PadGadget are still fans of old-school books. You know, the ones with paper pages. Even if you do nearly all your reading on an iPad, there are still ways to celebrate the printed page. For example, how about ordering an iPad case made out of a book? The founders of StacheBook hope iPad bibliophiles everywhere will pledge to help them create lovely, bespoke cases for iPad.

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