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Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

Game Alpha Colony Hopes to Bring Families Together — a Kickstarter Project

DreamQuest Games‘ newest project, which is up and running on Kickstarter, will fund the creation of Alpha Colony, an exploration, building, and trading game that pits multiple players against a rag-tag (but tenacious) group of prospectors. Project founder Christopher Williamson hopes Alpha Colony will give families today the same great memories he made playing Atari with his family in the ’80s.

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Not Hungry? Then You Haven’t Used Panna for iPad – iPad App Review

Food isn’t just life, it’s also become a profitable source of entertainment. From the plethora of cooking shows on TV to a recent episode of the Simpsons with guest voice Gordon Ramsay and a must-see rap, foodies have more than just the search for the perfect restaurant to keep them occupied. Panna for iPad, a new iPad-only magazine featuring celebrity chefs and high-end how-tos is the latest bunch of grapes in food lovers’ ever-growing cornucopia.

Living up to its “Best Chefs, Best Recipes” billing, the first issue of Panna includes 12 recipes from 4 master chefs — Rick Bayless, Anita Lo, Jonathan Waxman, and Nancy Silverton — and nearly 200 minutes of video. Future issues plan to include other well-known chefs including Seamus Mullen and Melissa Hamilton.

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Wreck-It Ralph Storybook Deluxe — iPad App Review

Not only was Disney’s animated video game tale Wreck-It Ralph number one at the box office, earning $49.1 million, but it’s also available for iPad as Wreck-It Ralph Storybook Deluxe, an interactive book with a built-in kart-decorating, racing minigame.

Not to be confused with Wreck-It Ralph the videogame for iOS, which recreates the fictional video games that fuel the movie’s narration, the Deluxe Storybook tells Ralph’s story through movie clips, narration, and interactive elements.
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Conquer iOS Cord Clutter with Whooz? – a Kickstarter Project

How many iOS devices do you have at home? Does your son/wife/roommate/dog always take your charger when you need it most? Do your kids misplace their white Apple earbuds more often than you’d like? Enter Whooz? These removable, vinyl identification labels for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad cords are adorable, colorful, and capable of settling the question of whose charging cord is whose (or Whooz?) once and for all.

Sativa Turner, creator of Whooz? turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds she needs to make her project a reality. At present Whooz? is over fifty percent funded, and it’s likely to reach its modest $6000 goal before the funding period is over at the end of the month.
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Animal SnApp: Farm Innovates as it Educates — iPad App Review

Thanks to its record of creating kids edu-apps that are consistently tops in creativity and UI/UX, I expect more from Nosy Crow than I might from most iOS developers. With Animal SnApp: Farm, Nosy Crow has found a way to give young readers six different stories that she can “unlock” by matching correctly matching a two-piece puzzle of the animal featured in the story.

Many children will enjoy the silliness created by combinations of dog and pig, lamb and hen, or goat and cow, yet it’s not too hard to get a match, and thus begin listening to one of the six stories that features these animals.
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Second Life Developer Releases Creatorverse – its First Game for iPad

While the name Linden Lab may not ring any bells, their über-popular game Second Life is likely to be familiar to most readers. Linden Lab’s first iOS game, Creatorverse, is now available for iPad. Described by Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble, as a “simple, 2-D shared creative space on the iPad,” the game welcomes users to enter a digital play land that encourages a user to invent and then share what he dreams up with others in a shared space within the game called the Creatorverse Galaxy. A user can also download and edit other players’ creations on his own iPad.

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Debate Settled: iPad Mini has Stereo Speakers

For months we speculated about the existence of the iPad mini, but, even after its release and unboxing, questions remained about whether Apple’s device had stereo or mono speakers. 9to5 Mac went straight to the source, emailing Phil Schiller, Apple Senior Vice President for Marketing, whose response confirms that the iPad mini does, in fact, have stereo speakers.

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Crazy Creatures are Everywhere in My Monster Mayhem — iPad App Review

Whether one looks at a public library’s shelves or peruses the app store, monster-themed books remain a popular choice in kids’ publishing. Digital Leaf’s My Monster Mayhem shares a little girl’s monster-filled adventure through her own home. The story, which is aimed at toddlers through kids in early elementary school isn’t just for Halloween.

Written by Anita Pouroulis with illustrations by Sholto Walker, the digital version of My Monster Mayhem was released before the book’s print version.
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Learn Spanish, English, or Mandarin with Lingual for iPad — A Kickstarter Project

San Diego-based Tiny Factory turned to Kickstarter to help launch a new educational game called Lingual: The Multi-Language Learning Application. According to project founder Andrew Little, “Lingual, is a multi-language learning app that has been gamified and designed to serve as an introduction to English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.”

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Halloween-inspired iPad Cases and Stands are All Treats and no Tricks

Maybe you’re already planning to dress up your with your iPad this Halloween — if so, don’t forget to send us pictures! If you want something a little subtler, but still celebratory, consider these iPad cases and stands, which will make celebrating Halloween more fun, while remaining useful throughout the year.

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