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Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

November Kids’ App Roundup: Ten iPad Apps We Love

We at PadGadget are lucky, lucky people because so many wonderful apps cross our digital desktops that we can’t possibly review them all. In this month’s installment of the Kids’ App Roundup, we include 10 can’t miss apps that cover playtime, bedtime, and (of course) schooltime.

Did we miss anything? Please share the name of your favorite newly released edu-apps and games for kids.

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Dear Santa, Here’s a List of Great Christmas iPad Apps for Kids

Although Christmas excitement hasn’t quite hit a fever pitch yet, a selection of fun, kid-friendly Christmas iPad apps can help little ones manage their enthusiasm, and maybe Mom, Dad, or Santa can get a little wrapping done.

Some of these apps revisit childhood classics, while others recast recent favorites in a holiday setting. Our selection of great apps is certain to entertain your kids.
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Kids will Travel the Road to Knowledge with Geography Drive USA for iPad — iPad App Review

Geography Drive USA is a fun, highly customizable edu-app for school-aged kids by Spinlight Studios, the developer who brought us Operation Math (PadGadget = 4.5 stars).

In this iPad-only game, the player drives (or sometimes flies) from state to state throughout the USA, answering geography-based questions to win money and other rewards.

To start the game make sure the arrow on the app gauge is set to My Garage. Tap the Play Game button. The app gives the player a choice between starting a new game or continuing the current game. The game chooses a state at random to begin game play. I started in Florida the first time, then Nebraska the second.
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Nomad Lightning Cable for 4th Gen iPad and Mini Makes Charging Simple — A Kickstarter Project

If Nomad Lightning Cable‘s Kickstarter campaign is a success, owners of the iPad mini and 4th generation iPad will never be caught without a charging cable again. The Nomad is a 3″ long lightning cable that attaches to a key ring, and it promises to end the hassle an iPad owner may face if he leaves the house without his one, precious lightning cable and needs to charge a device.
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Get Ready to Cook with Holiday Accessories and Apps for the iPad

Now that Thanksgiving has passed it’s time for the home cook to turn her attention to meal planning and baking for Hanukkah and Christmas. We’ve pulled together some accessories and apps to make the most of the precious few weeks left to plan, cook, and bake.

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Rise of the Guardians Movie Storybook Deluxe Extends the Magic — iPad App Review

Along with the paperback novelizations that populate the super market checkout aisle, sticker books, and stuffed animals, iOS apps that re-tell popular childhood movies are now a standard offering with each release.

Rise of the Guardians Movie Storybook Deluxe parallels the plot of Dreamworks’ newly released movie. Both movie and storybook app were inspired by William Joyce‘s novels and picture books, which are set 200 years before the movie. Though the movie tells an original story, Joyce executive-produced the movie and his creative DNA runs throughout the storybook, especially in its illustrations.
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Raised on the Radio? Check Out This Day in Classic Rock — iPad App Review

The trusty crew at This Day in Music Apps has a new offering for fans who know Peter Green from Peter Frampton, or can name all three Yardbirds guitarists without consulting Google. This Day in Classic Rock for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch offers facts from AC/DC to ZZ Top.

As the name suggests, this entertaining app features a daily fact or three, trivia questions, quizzes, and an overview of 50 Classic rock albums including titles by the Who, the Clash, Black Sabbath, and David Bowie.

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Steam Patriots Gives American Revolution Steampunk Treatment for iPad and More — a Kickstarter Project

George Washington with Airships by Patrick Arrasmith

Q: What do you get when you cross the history of the American Revolution with steampunk and insert a fictional rebel soldier named Felix into the mix? A: the Steam Patriots series. Comprising five novellas, Steam Patriots stages battles with derigibles and semi-automatic muskets. Created by developer Noble Beast, who blew out their Kickstarter funding goal for Steampunk Holmes in May 2012, Steam Patriots follows a similar modus operandi, recasting a timeless story in a bold setting and looking to Kickstarter for support.

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PB&J Publishing’s Hansel and Gretel: Lost Finds its Center — iPad App Review

Hansel and Gretel’s story has as many versions as Frau Pfefferkuckenhaus’ cottage has candy. PB&J Publishing’s iPad version of the classic Brothers’ Grimm tale, Hansel and Gretel: Lost, modernizes the story with updated language and graphics that are pretty without being fussy.

While the enduring messages of the story — don’t wander off, stick together, don’t take candy from strangers — are preserved, the story feels more current than many other iOS treatments of fairy tales, and will appeal to young readers who are hearing it for the first time as well as older folks who still recall the Looney Tunes version with Witch Hazel.

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Join Two Adorable Bulldogs in Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure: A Kids Storybook with Games — iPad App Review

Even though they love their cozy Vermont lifestyle, and their humans, English Bulldogs Lola and Lucy are called to discover their true job as dogs in Lola and Lucy’s Great Adventure: A Kids Storybook with Games. The pups cross-country adventure begins after they encounter Barney the Australian Shepherd, who is appalled that they don’t “work,” saying, “a dog without a job is no dog at all.”

The story is based on two real dogs with the same names who live on a Pennsylvania farm. The gorgeous, colorful paintings that comprise Lola and Lucy’s illustrations were inspired by photos of the real dogs.
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