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Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

Behind the App: Play Creatividad and its Award-Winning iPoe Series

iPoebannerIt’s a busy time for literary digi-book developer Play Creatividad. The Barcelona-based iOS developer recently won a Publishing Innovation Award for iPoe — The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection. While the Publishing Innovation Awards are still relatively new (the digital hive mind isn’t even referring to them as the PIAs yet) the winners include PadGadget fave Wine Simplified (PadGadget= 5 stars, and the list of past winners includes some of the most innovative and beautiful apps ever created.

Play Creatividad’s Francesc Tovar was kind enough to share a few thoughts on the developer’s recent honor, how iPoe came to be, and why books apps aren’t just kids’ stuff.

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Feel Free to Fall in Love With Madeline’s Valentine – Starbucks Pick of the Week

madelinetvMadeline, Ludwig Bemelmen’s petite and plucky heroine, has charmed countless little girls for almost three-quarters of a century, and her popularity has yet to wane. Madeline’s wide appeal makes the iTunes TV show download Madeline’s Valentine a perfect choice for Starbucks Pick of the Week program.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Pick of the Week, every Tuesday Starbucks offers customers a free iOS download or two. The ubiquitous coffee chain prints up little paper cards that include a code for an iOS freebie. Redeem the code to receive a download such as a song from a popular artist, an iOS app, an iBook, or an episode of a TV show to watch in iTunes.
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Chilly (or Chili) Anyone? Warm Up with Crock-Pot’s Official Recipes – iPad App Review

crockpotappThere is, without question, something a little magical about slow cookers. You put your ingredients in and — boom — dinner. That’s especially true during the cold winter months when soups and stews are tempting.

Arguably the biggest name in the world of slow cookers, CROCK-POT has recently joined the ever-growing number of iPad recipe apps with CROCK-POT™ Recipes—OFFICIAL APP for the CROCK-POT® Slow Cooker.

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Get More Free Apps From Crate&’s Get the Download

cbstoreAs we reported last October, home goods retailer Crate and Barrel offers website visitors some great iOS freebies through Get the Download, its digital giveaway program. Though the apps don’t change as often as the Starbucks Pick of the Week, the selections are high quality choices, which include a variety of different kinds of apps. Whether you’re a movie fan, word game enthusiast, or amateur mixologist, this great list has an app or two for you.

Download either (or both) the iPad and iPhone/iPod versions of EA Sports’ Scrabble. Thanks to the latest update, Scrabble allows players to keep up to 50 different games going at once.
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Listen Up — Cat Doorman’s Indie Folk Song “Little Red Wagon Goes” Digital

LRWapp Though her life story — ex-punk rocker moves to Portland to make art and music for kids — might sound like fodder for an episode of Portlandia, Julianna Bright (and her musical alter ego Cat Doorman) are for real, as evidenced by her release of Little Red Wagon for iPad. Part interactive app, part old-fashioned song book, Little Red Wagon brings its listeners something old and something new, and something completely adorable.

Not only is Little Red Wagon an interactive edu-book, it is also one piece of a larger media puzzle. Think of Little Red Wagon the lead single from an album, but instead of being a 45″, it’s an iPad app. The song is one of 14 that appear on The Cat Doorman Songbook, which is available with a 20-page booklet from the artist, and will be available through iTunes as a digital download by January 29, 2013.
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Top iPad Apps to Teach Kids World Geography


All children, from pre-schoolers to high schoolers can use the iPad to learn more about the world around them. Whether you’ve got the kind of child who’d rather study an atlas than play with Hot Wheels or one who thinks Kathmandu is a the name of a trendy clothing designer, there are a wide range of apps to teach world geography, act as references, or turn learning about geography into a game.
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Back this iPad Stand on Kickstarter, Help a Wounded US Veteran

tabletgoThe TabLetGo offers more than a hands-free way to use an iPad, this Kickstarter project, started by Stephen Bozzone, gives interested backers a chance to help men and women who have been wounded while serving in the US military.

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Tra-La-Laaa! The Adventures of Captain Underpants Unleashed for iPad — iPad Pad App Review

cuappHave you met George and Harold? They star in Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants series, and their antics are likely familiar to anyone with a school-aged child. In The Adventures of Captain Underpants: The First Epic App (iPad-only) kids can read the first book in the series, create an avatar, play plot-driven minigames, check out the Flip-o-rama, and goof around with the world’s first half-scatological, half-onomatopoeic beatbox.

The Book-o-rama covers George and Harold’s misadventures at Jerome Horwitz Elementary. The boys pull pranks, get into trouble, and bring their own character, Captain Underpants (who doesn’t just look like a superhero flying around in his underwear; he actually is flying around in his underwear) to life.
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Try Fibble HD for Free – Starbucks Pick of the Week

fibbleHave you seen those little paper cards sitting next to the green cup stoppers at your local Starbucks? Don’t ignore them. Pick one up and flip it over — each card has a code for an iOS freebie on the back. Every Tuesday the ubiquitous coffee purveyor offers customers a free download or two. Frequently the codes offer a song from a popular artist such as Bruno Mars or Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, or an iOS app, an iBook, or an episode of a TV show to watch in iTunes.

This week’s offering is Fibble HD, a physics-based puzzler that normally retails for $0.99.
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Who Knew? The iPad is a Boon for Short Story Fans Thanks to Paragraph Shorts

para1While the short story often occupies a grey area in the world of literary fiction, ending up unjustly relegated to the status of the flashier novel’s annoying little brother, short stories offer let the reader glimpse inside a writer’s world without the commitment often required by a novel.

The recent addition of Paragraph Shorts magazine to Apple’s Newstand makes it easier than ever to enter the world of the story. If you haven’t read a short story since discovering O. Henry in eighth grade English class, then it might be time to try Paragraph Shorts.

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