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iPad Safari Tips – How to View and Search Web Page Source Code on Your iPad

The iPad is the perfect tool for surfing the web but sometimes you need to go a bit deeper and view the source code of the page your currently viewing.  This is can be especially true if you’re a webmaster, web designer or developer working on a project.

If you’ve always wondered how to check the source of your web pages via the iPad, search no more. As we previously highlighted, the folks at RavelRumba have put together a nice “bookmarklet” that will allow you to access the source of any web page, simply by using a bookmark.

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Watch the WWDC 2012 Keynote

If you weren’t one of the lucky attendees that made it for Apple’s unveiling of iOS 6 and the new MacBooks at WWDC yesterday, don’t worry. Apple just posted the full keynote video and you can watch all the action over on Apple’s event site.

By now you have probably read quite a bit about the big announcements made by Apple during the kickoff of its Worldwide Developers Conference. For instance, the new version of iOS offers tons of new features, such as a brand new Maps app, and brings Siri to the iPad 3.

If you are interested in watching the today’s keynote address in its entirety, it’s available for your viewing pleasure on the Apple website. Enjoy!

Steve Jobs’ Interviews at the D now Available via iTunes

Late last night, All Things Digital released a series of podcasts titled “Steve Jobs at the D: All Things Digital Conference”, including most of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ interviews at the D conference. The interviews are available as audio podcasts, as well as videos. Of course, these interviews are available for free.

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Watch Apple CEO Tim Cook at D10

If you couldn’t make it for the D10 event to watch Tim Cook’s interview yesterday, don’t worry, AllThingsD has you covered. The website just posted the full interview video, and you can watch all the action over here.

Several topics were discussed during the interview, including Tim Cook’s relationship with late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, his view on social networking and its impact on Apple devices, as well as Siri, and the increasing popularity of the 1080p-enabled version of the Apple TV unveiled last year.

iOS 5.1.1 Now Available

Earlier today, Apple released iOS 5.1.1. The update includes offers various bug fixes and improvements.
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New iPad Proves to be Tougher than Predecessors

The folks at GizmoSlip took an iPad 3 on a field trip to check how tough the new device is. Surprisingly, and despite the abuse, the device did well, and fared much better than its predecessors. For instance, the new iPad survived a 4 foot drop on its back and corner, a test that the iPad 2 failed miserably.

On the other hand, the iPad 3 isn’t immune to dynamite… but again, what is?

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Third Generation iPad Unboxing Pictures

Happy New iPad Owners (iPads still wrapped)

The PadGadget team just came back from the Willow Bend Apple Store, and like many Apple fans around here, acquired several brand new iPads. Here is a first batch of unboxing pictures.

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New Kindle Ad – Amazon Taking more Shots at Apple

Amazon is stepping up its fight against Apple’s iPad with a new round of Kindle and Kindle Fire TV commercials.  Earlier today, Amazon started to air a new TV commercial taking direct aim at the iPad, and once again showed the problems of reading a book on an iPad in direct sunlight. The commercial goes on to portray the Kindle superior to the iPad in several key areas, especially when it comes to price.

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Education media Event now Available for Streaming

Apple just posted the video of this morning’s media event, available here.

iPad Still Working after Fall from Stratoshpere

The G-Form iPad Extreme Edge is a unique kind of case designed for iPad 1/2: the flexible, lightweight and water-resistant case is designed to protect your iPad from the most extreme impacts. Based on G-Form’s new video, the products proves once again to be one of the toughest iPad cases we’ve ever seen.

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