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My 2nd Brain Tablet Case for iPad/iPad mini – Gear Review

My-2nd-Brain-Tablet-Black-1Let me start out by stating that I am a bit of a klutz. Well, more than a bit really, and last week my iPad fell out of my bag as I bent down to pick something up. I usually keep it in a case, but on this day, for whatever reason I had left it at home. The screen was completely shattered, so much so that bandaids couldn’t save my fingers from even trying to swipe it on. I’m still a bit devastated…

I have just replaced my departed iPad, and now I’m in the market for a case I certainly won’t be leaving behind. Luckily enough, our friends at Think Tank just sent us their awesome new My 2nd Brain Tablet Case for us to try out. I have been testing this out for only a day, and must say, I am loving this case. Not only does it sport my new iPad, but it has pockets for everything – my iPhone, charging cables, headphones, sketchbook, keys, wallet, and business cards, and its not even close to being full. If you’re like me and want a great case to carry your tablet, and lots of personal goodies around in, please read on.

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PED4 Planet IPM10 Pivoting Stand for iPad Mini – Gear Review



The clever folks over at Thought Out have created some really innovative stands and mounts for all of your devices, and recently shared with us the PED4 Planet IPM10 Pivoting Stand for your iPad mini. This stand has been uniquely designed to not only provide 360 degree rotational flexibility, it is also designed to detach from the base and connect to any tripod.

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The Joy Factory aXtion Pro Case for the iPad – Gear Review



If you are in the market for all-around extreme protection for your iPad in just about any environment, The Joy Factory has a new ultra-rugged waterproof case for you iPad [and iPhone]. Whether you’re on a job site, in a laboratory, in mud, water, or snow – the aXtion Pro may be just the case you need to keep your device safe, secure, and waterproof.


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Kinivio BTK330 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard – Gear Review


Our friends over at Kinivio, makers of the very cool wireless portable speaker we reviewed this summer, have sent us another new wireless accessory to try out – the Kinivio BTK330 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.  In fact, I’m using this keyboard paired to my iPad to write this Gear Review now!

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JAVOedge iPad mini Folio Case – Gear Review


Its been one year this week since Apple introduced us to the iPad mini, and in that year, hundreds – maybe even thousands – of cases, keyboards, and other accessories have hit the market touting their features and all trying to lure you in for the buy. In that year, I’ve had the privilege to try many of them out, always looking for the next great one. One case that really stands out as being both feminine and durable is the Folio Case series for iPad mini by JAVOedge.

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Flexible iPad mini Stand PED4 Coil IPM10 – Gear Review


Our friends over at Thought Out have yet another clever and innovative new iPad mini stand – the PED4 Coil IPM10. This is a long, snake like, flexible, gooseneck coil stand that can be manipulated into any shape to hold your iPad mini. Made from solid, yet flexible, steel, this stand can be mounted anywhere.

If your iPad mini goes everywhere you go – this is the stand for you. The coil allows you to bend and flex the stand to work where you need it to go. Prop it up, hang it, hook it – there are endless possibilities.

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The Joy Factory Charis Wheelchair Mount for iPad – Gear Review


 The Joy Factory, creators of so many fantastic device accessories, has a new iPad mount made specifically for those who use a wheelchair for mobility – the Charis Wheelchair Mount for iPad. This brilliant new stand is the perfect attachment for anyone looking for a lightweight and flexible way to use their iPad while on the go.

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Innovative Technology Justin Case Rechargeable Power Case – Gear Review



Rechargeable power cases aren’t an accessory we see too often here, so we are quite excited to get to try out Innovative Technology’s Justin Case – Rechargeable Power Case Designed for iPad. This case is designed as a large backup battery pack that will recharge you iPad up to 2 times, and your iPhone up to 7 times!

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CoolStream Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Gear Review



Take your music anywhere with this new Portable Bluetooth Speaker from CoolStream. Wherever you want your tunes – at home, by the pool, at your office, or on the beach this amazing little speaker will play your mp3’s from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, even an SD card, 3.5mm jack, or USB memory stick. And the best part is that all fits in the palm of your hand.

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Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker – Gear Review


Looking to take your music poolside? Or maybe out by the grill, or to the park? Our friends at Kinivo have the perfect accessory for your iPhone, iPod, or any mp3 playing device this summer. Their ZX100 Portable Speaker is a clever and cool new pocket-sized accessory that takes sound anywhere, and we think you’ll love how ultra-portable and feature-packed this mini speaker is.

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