Apple Says Celebrity Photo Leak was not Due to iCloud Breach

05 Hack

iOS 8 and new mobile devices are expected in under a week so it’s no surprise that Apple has been scrambling to defend its security in the wake of the celebrity photo leaks. If consumer trust is weakened by the incident, then the new HealthKit and rumored wallet features may struggle to gain traction because of the sensitive nature of the data they will be storing.

In a statement made “after more than 40 hours of investigation,” Apple is confident that their systems are secure and that the photo leaks are an isolated event which came after a “very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions.” This means that the hacker(s) used a brute force attack to gain access but they didn’t uncover a more significant security flaw that would allow access to user data on a bigger scale.

Apple responded to the initial leak in a timely manner and has made several public statements addressing security since the photos were leaked over the weekend. Apple doesn’t always feel the need to respond to news stories but in this case they were very smart to get out in front and meet the challenge head on.

Apple users have also been reminded to take advantage of the security efforts already in place, including two-step verification which has to be enabled separately in your account settings. This is an excellent reminder that we need to be diligent in protecting ourselves and even though it would be nice for Apple to always protect us, it is important for us to do our part and we can be proactive in understanding and utilizing the tools at our finger tips.

A lot of people are upset by the photo breach and in addition to Apple making every effort to sort this out, the FBI has also announced it has opened an investigation. As for Apple’s perceived security reputation, only time will tell of this is just a minor bump in the road or a major fiasco.

[image via WSJ]

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