Apple Actively Investigating iCloud Celebrity Photo Hacking

Find my iPad iOS 7

It is clear that famous people have more exciting iCloud Photo Streams than I do. If my account were to be hacked there is no chance at all that you would ever hear about it. When Jennifer Lawrence has nude photos hacked and posted online, however, there is an appropriately large investigation into the scandal and Apple has announced they are looking into the possibility they were taken from her iCloud account.

Even though my photos are boring I feel like I have the same expectation of privacy and security that celebrities and high profile stars have with their data. If there is a security flaw then hopefully Apple can fix it, but unfortunately the damage is done for quite a few stars whose nude photos were posted to 4Chan and reposted across the web.

The core issue is that Apple security allowed for endless password attempts on their Find My Phone site and so a computer could continuously guess passwords until getting it correct. This has apparently now been fixed, but hopefully Apple will check all of their other interfaces to ensure safety. We don’t know for sure if this is the doorway that hackers entered to steal the photos, but it is clearly a strong possibility.

There is never a justification to steal photos or other data, especially when it is of such a personal nature, but to post them callously online is a serious crime that is punishable by years of prison. I sincerely hope they find who did this, but more importantly I hope that companies like Apple continue to make our data more secure because I am not ready for my summer vacation pictures to leak online.

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