Apple to Launch HomeKit and HealthKit Ready Wearable Product Next Month

iWatch Mockup by Eric Huisman

Re/code is claiming to have insider knowledge about Apples, still unconfirmed, Sept. 9 event. In addition to unveiling two new models of iPhone, the company will supposedly launch a new wearable device that will feature the HealthKit software development kit and HomeKit framework.

Although it is not mentioned, the rumored iWatch is likely the device Re/code is referring to. However, after hearing that it will support health and fitness software, as well as control connected home devices, it can hardly be called a watch.

Presumably, the wearable computer will be attached to the wrist, but this assumption is only based on previous information that Apple has been headhunting watchmakers and has applied for patents in the past for watch-like devices. But, for all we know, it could be a key fob or a belt clip.

We’ve heard a lot of speculation that the iWatch would be a dedicated health and fitness device, but this is the first time any information has been leaked that it will also support connected smart home devices.

HomeKit is a framework that will allow third party home gadgets to communicate with an iOS device so users can control them. For example, you could turn on the lights in the back room when you walk in the front door, or have your iOS device lock the doors and windows before you go to bed.

It makes sense to have a wearable device that would function as a communication device for your smart home gadgets. You may leave your iPad on the charger in the office. But chances are, you’ll always have your watch on your wrist.

We will know more about this device fairly soon. The rumored Sept. 9 event should produce official invitations from Apple early next week.

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