Los Angeles School District Suspends Troubled $1Billion iPad Rollout

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The Los Angeles school district announced Monday that it was pulling the plug on its contract with Apple and Pearson. The LATimes.com reports that the decision comes “amid mounting scrutiny of the $1-billion-plus effort.” I found it interesting that the LA Times focused on everything surrounding the issue in this article except one kind of important detail: the students.

Superintendent John Deasy wrote a memo to the Board of Education this week announcing the contract suspension.

“Not only will this decision enable us to take advantage of an ever-changing marketplace and technology advances, it will also give us time to take into account concerns raised surrounding the [project],” Deasy wrote.

There is a worry, however, that Deasy’s closeness to Apple and Pearson executives may have played a significant role in the deal and he may have sought the original contract without following the appropriate acquisitions process. While there is only peripheral evidence of this, there is enough pressure on Deasy that the contract was suspended.

In response to claims he ‘rigged’ the deal Deasy claimed everything was done appropriately.

“Nothing was done in any inappropriate way whatsoever,” the superintendent said. “Of course I talk to people. I would be expected to.”

The Los Angeles school is district is going to be exploring other options and I hope they settle on an option which is best for their students.

[image Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times]

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