Use Your iOS Device To Unlock Your Padlock with Noke

Noke 1

I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone for a bike ride, arrived at my destination, and discovered that I didn’t bring my bike lock key with me. I have to either have my riding companion lock our bikes together, or ask the business I am patronizing to allow me to store it somewhere inside where I can keep an eye on it. What I almost never forget to bring with me is my iPhone.

FŪZ Designs has created a padlock that uses Bluetooth technology to talk to your iOS device so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your key or your combination. Even if you’ve forgotten your iPad or iPhone, there is a backup way you can unlock the padlock that only you know about.

The Noke (pronounced “no key”) is a Bluetooth padlock that works in conjunction with an iOS or Android app. Once the app is downloaded, the Noke automatically finds and pairs with your iOS device.

To unlock the Bluetooth padlock, all you have to do is press down on the shank. The Noke will “wake up” and search for your iOS device with the special identifier. If it is within 10 feet of the padlock, it will unlock. You don’t even have to take your device out of your backpack.

The app also allows users to temporarily share permission with friends and family who need access to the lock. For example, if your brother needs to get into your storage locker to finally pick up his flat screen television, you won’t need to go with him to pick it up. You won’t even have to give him a copy of the key and risk having him lose it. If he has an iOS or Android device, you can use the Noke app to give him temporary (or permanent) access. The app allows for one-time permission, or you can customize the settings to allow a person to have access over a specified amount of time.

What if the battery on your iPad or iPhone dies when you need to use the Noke? No problem. You can set a specific code on the padlock for emergency access. The Quick-Click feature allows you to enter a Morse Code style series of long and short clicks to set it to unlock without your iOS device.

Noke 2

Bicyclists can invest an additional $20 for the optional cable and bike mount made specifically for the Noke. You don’t need a special cable for your bike, but the one FŪZ Designs offers clips together with the Noke in a tidy little package that can be secured to a seat post.

The Noke will retail for $89 when it hits the street. However, FŪZ Designs is looking for crowd funding and is offering the padlock for $30 off of the retail price on its Kickstarter campaign. The Noke has already exceeded its goal by more than $50,000, so be sure to get in on the pledge before the campaign ends on Sept. 17. The more you buy, the better the deal. If you invest in 10 Noke padlocks, you’ll get them for only $44.90 dollars a piece.

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