Square Enix Launches Free-to-Play Soccer Management Game Ahead of Official Season

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Around the globe, football fans (called soccer in the U.S.) are getting ready for the biggest season in sports to begin. The Permier League Season starts Aug. 16, but fans can quell their excitement today with Square Enix’s newest sports game, Champ Man 15.

Champ Man 15 is a free-to-play team management game with thousands of players in the club. Manage any one of more than 400 clubs from 23 leagues and customize your player experience. Track your team as they compete for the championship in realistic fast matches specifically designed for iOS.

The game features new data for the 2014/2015 season with current team rosters, competition data, promotions, relegations, and European qualifiers. The current version contains the mid-July 2014 information, but will be updated for the new season beginning Sept. 1.

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Experience realistic passing, crossing, defensive decision-making, and more as your coach and players react to the systems interception logic. Advanced tactical options allow you to set the concentrate of passing, the rate of recurrence of crossing, intensity of pressing the opposition, and instructions for set pieces.

Players can choose the area of their team they wish to fine-tune during the season, including shooting, creating chances, defense, possession, and more. You can also train individual players with specific skills.

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Champ Man 15 is available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.

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  • Lord British

    Personally, I love football Manager Handheld, but this is still a great game of football, it’s nice to start off the season with proper rosters.