NPR One App Personalizes your Public Radio Listening Experience


A few months ago, Apple added an NPR channel to iTunes Radio, which includes rebroadcasts of popular segments and shows like “All Things Considered.” Prior to that, you could find your local station by listening to NPR News from the iPad app, or you could stream shows from the official website. Now, in addition to the NPR News app, NPR News and Culture on iTunes Radio, and the official website, you can now get a personalized experience with a new curated app.

NPR One is a streaming media app that combines NPR’s national segments with local news reporting to bring you a personalized on-demand experience.

Instead of having to listen to shows and news reports in order and in real-time, you can experience the talk radio programs at your own pace. Skip stories that don’t interest you. Rewind segments you want to hear again. Pause the stream so you won’t miss anything while you take a call.

The app remembers what you’ve already listened to so you won’t hear the same story twice. You can even search for specific shows, podcasts, and news reports. Check out your listening history or look ahead to see what stories are coming down the pipeline.

NPR One 1

As you listen to stories, tap the “Interesting” button to register what types of stories you prefer and the app will aggregate new content based on your favorites.

You must log in either using Facebook, Google +, or your account. When you do, the app will be able to track what you like and don’t like in order to further customize your listening experience.

It should be no surprise that this app is not yet compatible with the iPad. Just like Beats Music, Facebook, and all manner of popular apps, this one starts out being made for the iPhone.

Hopefully NPR’s app developers are working on the iPad version. There is no reason this should not be optimized for the larger screen.

Even though it is not designed for the iPad, you can still download it onto your tablet. There are no graphic heavy images to make the app look bad in 2X zoom on the 9.7-inch screen. The point of the app is to listen, not to watch.

NPR One is available for free in the App Store. Download it in the App Store today.

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