Apple Says A Whopping 90% of iPads and iPhones are Running iOS 7

 iOS 7 Adoption 7.14

Apple’s most current mobile operating system is the most popular of all versions. Today, the company published a record high adoption rate for iOS 7 of 90 percent. Too bad iOS 8 is only a few months away.

When Apple launched iOS 7 10 months ago, it was immediately successful with 18 percent adoption within the first 24 hours. The mobile operating system had seen drastic changes. Some love it. Some hated it. After only two months, the adoption rate had grown to 78 percent, and by April 87 percent of all iOS devices were running on iOS 7.


Then, things came to a screeching halt. Even though a new jailbreak made it possible for those in the community to finally join the iOS 7 fold, adoption remained at 87 percent for more than two months.

As of July 13, 90 percent of all Apple mobile devices are running on iOS 7 with only nine percent still holding onto iOS 6. An estimated two percent (with a margin of error) is running on an earlier operating system.

Android Adoption 7.14

In comparison, Google’s Android operating system is so fractured that only 17.9 percent of devices run on the current version 4.4. More than half of all Android devices are running on Jelly Bean, which is two years old. Apple launched iOS 5 two years ago. Today, less than two percent of all Apple devices run that outdated version (or older).

All this comes only a few months before Apple is expected to roll out iOS 8. Will the next mobile operating system receive such approval? Or, will there be a lot of holdout from the jailbreak community and users who don’t want to update until they know everyone else is OK with it?

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