Kensington’s New ‘Trapper Keeper’ Case Brings High School Style to the iPad

Trapper Keeper iPad Case 2

I was a Trapper Keeper user when I was a kid. If I remember correctly, mine was rainbow themed and was designed by Lisa Frank. When I got into high school, I had one of those splashed paint designed ones. I thought I was so Mod.  There were many other designs in my locker throughout my school years. However, one thing remained the same across 13 years of learning. I always had a Trapper Keeper.

Kensington has just announced a new line of Mead inspired universal cases for 10 and 8-inch tablets. You may not be able to choose from the long list of licensed designs, but the fold-over front flap will certainly remind you of first period History.

From the outside, the case looks like a fancy Trapper Keeper, complete with the brand’s font. The iconic fold-over front flap features magnetic closures so you don’t have to worry about making loud noises when opening the case like you did with the old Velcro closures.

Trapper Keeper iPad Case 1

Inside, the case is lined with microfiber to protect the iPad’s screen from scratches. The device slides into the four elastic strap corners to stay securely in place. When flipped over, the front cover doubles as a low profile stand so you can type easy. You can also stand your iPad upright for watching movies and browsing the Internet when the cover is laid out flat.

Trapper Keeper iPad Case 3

The Trapper Keeper case comes in blue for the 9.7-inch iPad and red for the iPad mini. The description does not specify whether the case is compatible with the iPad Air. However, it is described as having a “universal” fit for nine and 10-inch screens. The 10-inch Trapper Keeper is available for pre-order for $29.99. The 8-inch Trapper Keeper is available for pre-order for $24.99. Visit the company’s website for more information on the Mead line of tablet cases.

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  • doc12345

    Great… but it doesn’t look like it can hold all those cool folders inside it, that don’t let the papers fall out.