iPads Could Face Downturn as Attention Shifts to Wearable Devices

iWatch Demo

Tablets have proven themselves as serious competitor for laptops and other personal computing solutions, but analysts are expecting a reduction in tablet sales due to the increasing buzz around wearable devices. As more devices are released it is increasingly apparent that the number of gadgets that people are willing to buy and use have a limited number.

Apple has dominated the tablet market with its line of iPads but even they are experiencing a fairly rapid decrease in the growth of sales. Digitimes.com is reporting that due to stagnation on the sales of iPads, that many other vendors are giving up their comprehensive tablet lines and beginning to focus on additional wearable products.

Several watches have already been released and Apple hasn’t even joined the party yet. The question is whether Apple can revolutionize wearable devices like it did with the iPhone or be as innovative as it was when it was the first to create a popular tablet like it did with the iPad. We are certainly getting close to finding out.

While it is certainly less scientific, I generally like to follow my kids and students in their usage of technology to point towards what the future holds. The fact that my kids barely know how to use a mouse or trackpad is evidence of a new generation of people who are going to experience technology much differently than most of us. I have always prided myself as being a part of the first generation who had a personal computer in the house since before I could remember (Apple II+) and among the first to use connect to other computers with a modem.

Kids are now growing up with so many innovations happening that there is a good chance that they will experience far more releases in technology than we can even currently imagine. Wearable technology is just the beginning of a revolution which is going to change computing forever. The future we dreamed of when we were young is finally arriving.

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  • jimstead

    I suspect that the ipad will retain a slight advantage over a watch in browsing the web and playing games.

    • Sam

      I agree with you for the time being but it’s hard to say what the future holds. Some people said that about the iPad when it was originally released and assumed it would never replace using a laptop, which has happened in some cases. Each device has their individual strengths and an iWatch might never be good at browsing in the traditional sense, but some people don’t need more than Facebook, Vine, and other apps which could work in a very small device. I think Apple is hoping we’ll buy them all, but when we can’t then perhaps people will choose between an iPad or an iWatch.

  • Lord British

    Yeah, I dunno. For me, an iWatch would be a nice replacement for the iPhone, but it couldn’t replace my iPad. I can agree with Sam about vine, Twitter, Facebook and all, but for browsing, I need a larger screen. Now if I could watch liverpool play on my watch…. Well, apple will get more of my money