Warhammer Themed ‘Blood Bowl’ Coming to iPad this July

Blood Bowl 3

Fans of the Warhammer franchise will already know that Blood Bowl is a board game from more than 25 years ago that is based on the game of American football and themed with characters from Warhammer. It is the perfect combination of sports and role-playing games. This is the ultimate definition of “fantasy football.”

Game developers Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio recently announced that a digital version of Blood Bowl would be available on the iPad in “early July.”

Blood Bowl

According to the official newsletter, Blood Bowl mobile will feature six fantasy races in the Warhammer universe, including Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Skaven, Wood Elves, and Chaos. Each Race has a distinct strength and weakness and upgradable players that get better and stronger with experience.

In campaign mode, gamers embark on a bloody sports season where they will develop a team of players that earn victories and experience as the events take place. Eventually, you’ll be headed to the Super Bowl of fantasy, the Blood Bowl.

In multiplayer, players compete against friends in “Hotseat” mode. You can also battle for supremacy in the massive permanent league where you can create and develop a customized team to play against others around the globe.

Blood Bowl 2

In solo mode, partake in bite-sized matches to hone your skills at turn-based football.

There is no official information as to the cost of the game. However, the Blood Bowl website notes that the base game allows players to compete as Humans or Orcs with other races available as in-app purchases. It would be awesome if the game were free to play with additional races costing money. However, it is more likely that this is a premium title with additional content available for more money.

The game is set to launch in early July. Since we are only about a week away from mid July, there is a chance we will see this game hit the App Store next Thursday.

Visit the official Blood Bowl website for more information.

[Via: Pocket Gamer]

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