Rove Adds iPad and iPhone Pairing in Latest Update to Popular Journal App

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The new buzz in iOS and OS X is the ability to share seamlessly between platforms and it is this same ability that has been added into Rove in an update over the weekend. Rove is one of my favorite journal apps because it is very smart and utilizes a number of iOS features in helping you create a journal of your daily life.

The three features it is known for are as follows:

100% Private : Only YOU can see your data.
Magically Automated : Effortlessly remembers your day.
Personal : Add notes, curate photos, save or share segments of your life-log.

The new additions to Rove include interface changes, battery saving features, and the ability to establish a link between the iPhone and iPad versions. You can use the iPhone app during the day as you travel or work, and then you can update things or view your journal on your iPad without having to make a complex transfer. Once paired you’ll be able to move between them with ease.

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Now that Apple is setting the bar for working between devices it stands to reason that others are going to follow along. Many apps already rely on cloud services which makes it easier to keep different devices in sync, but apps like Rove have traditionally relied on local storage and so this is a substantial step in a new direction for them.

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I am a big fan of unifying data across all of my devices and even though we have seen glimpses of this in action, there are still many things that need to be polished. It seems I get emails and iMessages on different devices at varying times and I sincerely hope that iOS 8 fixes everything. I guess we’ll see.

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  • Sam K

    I like this app. It is quite similar to Move app that Facebook acquired. For my trip I am using this new app Trip journal by Troupe of Vagrants. Its simple and gets the work done.