Gameloft’s Newest Title ‘Dungeon Gems’ Mixes Matching with RPG Card Battle


Combining puzzle games with role-playing battles is nothing new to the App Store. Puzzle & Dragons is a hugely successful free-to-play game that mixes match-three with card battle style action. Not to be outdone, Gameloft has just launched their own version of the mashup.

Dungeon Gems is a puzzle game where players must match elemental ruins in order to trigger an attack. Match at least two of the same elements to set your hero against your foes.


Create a team of warriors, each with different elemental strengths, in order to ensure defeat against the enemy. Head into the next dungeon to see what adventure awaits.

Each dungeon consists of a number of small battles against minions and a final boss battle against a dragon. Players must use their knowledge of the elements to defeat their foes. Different elements are strong or weak against each other. Water defeats fire, fire defeats wood, and wood defeats water. Light and dark oppose each other.

When you head into battle, you can request the help of another player. That player’s hero will join the fight and you can use it to attack the enemy. After getting help, you can request to become friends with that player in the game.

DungeonGems_Evolve01 DungeonGems_BossDragon02

Every time you complete a dungeon, you will unlock a new hero that can be added to your team. Often times, you’ll free a rare hero. Your fighters can be enhanced or evolved to make them even stronger.

You can enhance your fighters by combining one or more together. The enhanced hero will gain additional attack, speed, hit points, and more. You can also evolve your heroes by using special materials. Evolution boosts the heroes’ status and makes them more powerful.

Dungeon Gem is available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for free. Check it out in the App Store today.

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