Apps Will be able to Automatically Fill in your Personal Credentials in iOS 8


Just yesterday, I opened the Amazon App on my iPad for the first time since I had changed the password a few weeks ago. As usual, I didn’t remember the new password I had set and had to exit the app, open 1Password, copy the password, close that app, reopen the Amazon App, and paste the password. As you can see, it is a pain in the butt, and frankly makes me much less likely to change my passwords on a regular basis.

Today, 9to5Mac is reporting that in iOS 8, Apple will allow the Safari AutoFill iCloud keychain, which I also use, to relay information to native apps. So, I’ll be able to select my passwords from inside native iOS apps, making the whole process much easier.

The feature will require developer support in order to work. Developers will add one file to their website (, for example) and one new entitlement to their iOS app (Amazon App, for example) in order to verify the services are associated.

Developers will then be able to use special APIs that allow them to request credentials stored in Safari and present them to the user when they are ready to log in.


If you don’t already have your password stored in Safari’s Autofill, you’ll be able to add it from within the app, which will then sync to iCloud Keychain so you can access it from your iOS or OS X device.


Apple is clearly trying to make using iOS and OS X more seamless. At this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the iPad maker demonstrated the ways in which the two operating systems are becoming more integrated, including “Handoff,” which allows users to start something on their iPhone or iPad and pick up where they left off on their Mac (and vice versa).

Bringing Autofill to iOS apps is going to make entering password information into apps much easier. I look forward to how iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite will change my life.

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