Developer Hacks iOS 8 Simulator to Reveal iPads New Split Screen Mode

ios 8 split screen 1

In the months leading up to the 2014 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), lots of rumors came out regarding what Apple had in store for iOS 8. Some rumors became fact. Others were sadly left off. One of the features we were hoping to see in the next big update was the rumored split screen. On Monday, developer Steven Troughton-Smith discovered coding in iOS 8 that points to the split screen feature. With a bit of digging and hacking, Troughton-Smith has managed to get it working on an iPad simulator. Looks like we will see the feature sometime in the future.

Troughton-Smith successfully hacked the iOS 8 iPad Simulator to make the feature partially work. He wasn’t able to get two apps working at once, but the split screen is clearly visible. Using two-finger swiping, Troughton-Smith shows Safari running side-by-side with a blank screen. All of Safari’s tabs are usable and Apple’s sharing feature can be accessed.

ios 8 split screen 2 ios 8 split screen 3

In addition to the basic split screen, it appears that Apple has plans to make it possible for users to adjust the amount of screen that one app takes up. By swiping left or right, Troughton-Smith was able to adjust Safari to take up one-quarter, half, and three-quarters of the screen.

Since Apple didn’t even hint at the split screen feature at WWDC, it is not likely it will come with iOS 8 this fall. However, it has been rumored that Apple was already planning on postponing some features for iOS 8.1 due to the concerted efforts on getting OS X Yosemite ready for unveiling. It is possible that the split screen will show its face in the latter update.

It is also possible that Apple doesn’t even plan on including split screen on any current model of iOS device, but will be adding it to a larger sized tablet like the rumored iPad Pro.

[Via: 9to5Mac]

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