PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Tapper World Tour HD

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Way back in 1983, Midway Games released a game called Tapper, or Root Beer Tapper, that had a speedy young bartender racing from one table to another, passing out refreshing mugs of frosty suds. You might even say it was the first time management video game. However, unlike the burger and sweets joints you’ve managed on iOS, these patrons were much faster at drinking and much quicker to anger. Taking care of these drinkers was more than a handful.

With Tapper World Tour HD, you can play an updated version of the game that puts the bartender in a variety of locations, serving all manner of drink to all kinds of thirsty customers. If you are too young to remember the original game, don’t worry. You’ll still have a good time with this remodeled, revamped, and reimagined version.

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In the original, players took control of Sam, the happy, spry bartender who took care of his patrons in exchange for a few pennies in tips. There are four bars to cover and Sam must find his way to each one, serve the drinker, wait for him to finish, clear his mug and either serve another, or take the tip that is left behind.

Sounds simple, but there is more at play here. Sam serves drinks by sliding them along the bar to the patron. If the drinker is already in the middle of a beer, he will drop the new one, resulting in a lost life. To make matters worse, the customer will slide his empty mug back to Sam when he is finished. If Sam doesn’t catch the mug, the player loses another life.

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In the iPad version, players head around the world and play as one of a few different characters, including Sam’s lovely daughter Nikki. Animated by the legendary Don Bluth, players serve drinks to all manner of customers. Fill the gullets of ghosts and ghouls in a haunted mansion. Deliver strange concoctions to aliens in a space port. Head back to the Old West for some classic can-can entertainment.

There are more than 140 levels across 15 different locations with 60 easy levels and 70 hard ones. In this updated version of the game, players can switch between different drinks for different patrons, use special bonus items to help out, and even take a work break and head over to the mini game arcade.

Tapper World Tour HD is available exclusively on the iPad for $1.99. Download it in the App Store today.

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  • Jerry Maxwell

    Tapper! Loved this game. Too bad I got fucked in the ass with A GAME THAT DOES NOT WORK on my mini retina. Do they even QA this garbage? I should have read the reviews first – it’s been broken since January!

    Great job pad gadget you fuckers.