iOS 8 will let Safari Scan and Enter your Credit Card Info using your iPad’s Camera


Right now, in Safari, you can store your passwords and credit card information in a secure keychain so that, whenever you fill in a form that requires your card number, it will automatically enter the important information for you, like the name, address, card number, and expiration date. Once the information is stored, you can use it on iOS or OS X. It’s very convenient.

9to5Mac recently discovered that, in iOS 8 Apple will make it one step easier for you to input your credit card information into the Safari keychain. You’ll be able to simply scan your card with your device’s camera instead of having to manually enter the information.

Not only can this new feature be used to store your information in the AutoFill section of the Safari keychain, but it can also be used for entering credit card information on websites where AutoFill doesn’t work.

The iOS device takes a picture of your credit card and uses optical character recognition to input the information into the text fields on a given website.

It seems to work similar to the way Apple allows you to enter an iTunes gift card number by scanning the code on the back. Users will be able to quickly enter or update credit card information without having to type out each number and risk missing a number. I do that all the time. Adding a new card to an account or entering credit card information to a web page is going to be so much easier with this new feature.

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