Temple Run Hits One Billion Downloads as Gaming Grows on iOS

Temple Run 1 Billion Download Infograph

Today, game maker Imangi Studios announced that its popular mobile game Temple Run and the sequel Temple Run 2 have been downloaded more than one billion times since the launch of the original in 2011. It just goes to show that dreams can come true for independent game developers. Imangi Studios started as a husband and wife team working out of their apartment. Not bad for only three years later.

According to the company’s announcement, the Temple Run series has generated 32 billion game plays across the world. Runners have stretched the length of 50 trillion meters with all players combined. Collectively, the one billion players around the world have racked up 216,018 years of playtime.

You may recall the launch of Temple Run in 2011. It was an overnight success thanks to its original gameplay, well-made graphics, and interesting characters. Since then, the game has single-handedly spawned a new generation of 3-D endless runner titles. It started a whole new genre.

As technology advances, Apple has made mobile gaming the center of attention on iOS. With the release of iOS 7, Apple made it possible for accessory makers to offer MFi game controllers with the official “Made for iOS” logo. Plus, the company opened up the API to game developers so they could make their titles compatible with said controllers. So, now, you can play games on your iPad using an officially compatible controller. You can also use AirPlay to mirror your game to your big screen TV, essentially making the iPad a living room console.


With iOS 8, Apple will implement “Controller Forwarding,” which will allow users to connect their iPhone to an MFi controller and use it to play games on their iPad or Mac. So, you can use your iPhone as a controller, not just a screen.

Gaming just got real on iOS.

Once accessory makers and game developers get on board with MFi controller compatibility, there will be no limit to what can be done on iOS. Plus, now that Apple has opened the new “SpriteKit,” “SceneKit,” and “Metal” technology to developers, games are going to be smoother, faster, and more graphically detailed than ever before.

Not to mention the future Peer-to-Peer AirPlay, which should eliminate that awful lag issue that we experience now when mirroring our iOS devices to Apple TV. Who needs Xbox when you have all of this?

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