PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: DIY Mini Photobooth for iPad and DSLR Camera

DIY Photo Booth 4

Summer, traditionally is an optimum time of the year to get hitched. The weather is usually better (at least you don’t have to worry about snow). Families can come from far away because the kids are out of school. It is a bit easier to plan and execute the whole thing during the three months of the year that the sun shines the longest.

In honor of those who will be making the plunge this summer, we found a very simple tutorial for another type of photo booth that doesn’t require as much set up.

This DIY photo booth comes to us from Instructables poster acoens and requires an iPad and a DLSR camera. These days, most people have both, but if you don’t have a DSLR camera, ask a friend.

DIY Photo Booth 1

You’ll also need an “EYE-FI” SD card. This card is placed into your DSLR camera and can communicate with your iPad so you can take pictures with your fancy, expensive camera and view them on your fancy, expensive tablet. The last bit of technology you will need is an intervalometer that will allow you to take a specific number of shots automatically with a three second delay between each pose.

You’ll also need plywood and wood glue to make the cabinet, as well as the inside table that the camera will sit on.

The easy part is getting the DSLR Camera and iPad to talk to each other. Once the EYE-FI SD card is installed in the camera and the compatible app is installed on your iPad, open the app, take a picture with the camera, connect to the EYE-FI network on your iPad, and turn off Airplane Mode. Then, switch back to the app to be sure that it is working properly.

DIY Photo Booth 2

Those handy with wood cutting tools will be able to put together the cabinet easily. From the Instructable images, you’ll need to build a rectangular cube that is long enough to fit the width of the iPad, plus room for the DLSR camera to sit above it. You will also need to cut a circle for the camera lens and an iPad mount for the tablet so that it rests inside, but can be seen by everyone on the outside. Acoens has some great pictures, but there is no specific template, so your creative mind will have to be your guide through the cabinet making process.

In addition to the cabinet, you will need to build some kind of riser to set the DSLR camera on top of. The instructions call for a small table, but you could also add a shelf inside the cabinet. Just make sure it has the appropriate height to match the hole you added for the camera lens.

DIY Photo Booth 3

The last thing you will need to do is put it all together. The camera sits on the table or shelf inside the cabinet. The iPad is mounted to the front opening. The intervalometer is in its on little mount toward the bottom to hold the remote in places. There should also be a hole in the front board so that you can access the remote trigger.

Thanks to acoens for posting this simple Instructable project so we can take fun photos at our summer weddings, or birthday parties, or whatever celebration arises.

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