Microsoft Beats Apple to the Punch With 12-Inch Surface Pro 3


While more than a years worth of rumors have bubbled up regarding Apple’s 13-inch screen so-called iPad Pro, Microsoft has actually been building one. Today, the company unveiled its newest addition to the tablet line with the 12-inch Surface Pro 3.

News is still trickling in as the company only announced the tablet a short time ago. According to Engadget, who attended the small press event in New York City, Microsoft has announced the larger sized tablet, boasting that it is both the biggest Surface Pro so far and thinnest product ever to run a laptop grade Intel Core i7 processor. The device measures a scant 9.1mm, or 0.36-inch thickness. Comparatively, the iPad 2 through the fourth-generation models measure around the same thickness.

The giant tablet is also relatively lightweight at 1.76 pounds. It may be twice as heavy as the iPad Air, but it is also nearly three inches larger, so that’s not too shabby. Especially when you think of it in terms of a laptop.


The Surface Pro 3 includes a special integrated pen that will supposedly make writing on the tablet feel natural.

From images that Engadget has posted from the exclusive media event, the Surface Pro 3 looks awkwardly large, and I’m not saying that it is an issue on Microsoft’s part. The device just looks too big. It looks much more like an ultra thin laptop than a tablet.

Official launch date and price, as well as storage capacity and features, have not yet been announced (or, at least not yet published). We’ll fill you in on all the details once they come to light.

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