Rumor of the Day: Leaked Images Surface of Purported iPad Pro

iPad Pro

It has been a while since we’ve heard news of the rumored 13-inch iPad Pro. I guess all the hubbub around the iWatch has outshined the rest of Apple’s supposed activities. Today, an image of an aluminum back plate that is being called the backside of the iPad Pro surfaced on

The image, which looks similar to a manufacturing template, shows a back plate with an iPad logo. The part is definitely larger than the current generation iPad Air. I held my own tablet up as a comparison. Without any kind of measuring tool, I would guess the size to be about two inches taller, but not particularly wider.

The image also shows that the back plate has an indention where the back facing camera goes. There is a second hole where the iPad’s backside microphone port is. The center logo looks to be slightly larger than the current model. However, it is difficult to tell. I’m basing my assumption on a comparison of my thumb next to the logo versus the image.

Apple has been rumored to be working on a larger screen iPad for about a year now. Early musings of the supposed 12.9-inch tablet dubbed it the “iPad maxi,” which is much less eloquent than the current nomenclature.

Since then, a wide variety of rumors have popped up, including the possibility that the iPad Pro might feature a 4K display, eye-tracking technology, and a release date of the third quarter of 2014.

I used to think that Apple would never make a smaller ipad, and I was wrong. Now, I can’t decide whether I think this iPad Pro rumor is real or not. It seems like a legitimate possibility, but it also doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in a 13-inch tablet is very big right now.

[Via: 9to5Mac]

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  • Andre Tran

    It’s nice to have a 13 inch iPad. Apple is trying hard to close the gap between tablet devices and laptops. I will buy this device with Wifi/4G 128 or 256Gb storage first day it came out. Let it be reality, Apple …

    • peterdevries

      If it has more than 1GB Ram, so would I

    • Lory Gil

      I am still on the fence about a 13-inch tablet. I feel like it would be too big. However, maybe it would be worth it to replace my laptop.