Chinese Tech Company Xiaomi Unveils ‘Mi Pad’ an iPad Mini Clone

Mi Pad 1

Someone is going to get sued. CNet just discovered that tech company Xiaomi made an iPad mini clone that is too close to Apple’s to be missed. The Mi Pad is a 7.9-inch tablet with 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution and Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor. It basically looks like the iPhone 5c version of an iPad mini.

The Mi Pad runs on Android and sports a quad-core 2.2 GHz ARM processor. The Retina quality display screen apparently makes reading, watching videos, and browsing the net pretty amazing. The website advertisement literally says, “7.9 inches, with the same resolution as iPad mini.” Xiaomi is not afraid to show off their likeness.

The Mi Pad has a home button not unlike the iPad mini, but also has control buttons on the bezel that is used for Internet browsing. Users hold the tablet in landscape mode and tap the bezel buttons to call up new tabs, go back to a previous Web page, and more.

This tablet also features an SD card slot that allows users to expand the memory space of their tablet to 128 GB for storing movies, photos, and more. Because the SD card is removable, users can easily transport files and media to another device without having to sync to another computer.

Mi Pad 2

The Mi Pad is outfitted with a brightly colored plastic shell. According to the website, Xiaomi’s tablet uses the same materials and manufacturing process as the iPhone 5c. The high gloss injection molding has been perfected just in time for this company’s tablet, which comes in “Quiet Blue,” “Lemon Yellow,” “Passion Pink,” and a few more.

It will be interesting to see what Apple thinks of this. The Mi Pad looks like it could have been manufactured using the same parts as the iPad mini. The Beijing based company may not get in trouble for having such a similar looking tablet, though. Apple hasn’t exactly been winning the patent war against Samsung. Getting embroiled in yet another long-lasting battle with this company might not be worth the effort.

Maybe Apple will take a look at those candy-colored tablets and get some ideas of their own.

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  • Bob Smith

    Looks like an iPad mini but runs android, couldn’t ya just puke