Apple Reportedly Considering Shifting Some iOS 8 Feature to a Later Release

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Traditionally, at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple demonstrates the next generation of mobile operating system. It is a big to-do as Apple shows off new features, lists spec improvements, and gets us giddy for the imminent launch. This year, however, there is a chance that Apple will postpone the adding some rumored features for iOS 8, as well as postponing the demo that normally would take place at WWDC in June. Instead, we’ll be seeing what the future of OS X has in store.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has been focusing most of its attention on OS X 10.10, already in beta and set to release later this year. The next big update to the Mac operating system is supposedly going to be as different to desktop and laptop computers as iOS 7 was for mobile devices. Because the design and development teams at Apple are working so hard on 10.10, they haven’t had as much time to dedicate to iOS 8.

Plenty of rumors have surface regarding Apple’s plans for the next generation of iOS. There is supposed to be a Healthbook app, an updated Maps app that includes public transit directions, Shazam integration with Siri, TextEdit and Preview, and much more.

Apple is also purportedly working on making its mobile operating system more efficient to use less battery life. The goal of the A8 processor chip is to improve battery life and overall performance. Therefore, tweaking iOS 8 to leverage the in-house processor chip is a priority.

According to unnamed sources who spoke with 9to5Mac, Apple has already begun working on iOS 8.1, implying that some of the features that were originally intended for the fall launch of iOS 8 will be pushed back to a later date.

Although there is a chance that some features originally slated for iOS 8 may be pushed back to 8.1, Apple may still show off the next-generation mobile operating system in a truncated fashion. Similar to the way Apple demonstrated the upcoming, but not entirely flushed out features of CarPlay, Apple may preview the future content with a vague overview of what is to come.

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