Hulu to Begin Streaming Full TV Episodes to iPhones and iPads this Summer

Hulu_360AdsHulu recently held a star-studded event where celebrities took part in announcing new and returning shows, technological advancements, and advertising changes to a room of 1,700 advertisers. While many of the announcements involved what the company plans to do forthcoming to reach a wider audience, one small addition to the lineup will have a huge effect on viewers with mobile devices. Starting this summer, Hulu will add a “selection of ad-supported full episodes” to mobile devices for free.

Currently, the only way to access any content from the Hulu Plus iOS app is to have a Hulu Plus subscription. However, the company has decided to open some content to everyone. “With our re-imagining of mobile viewing, we want you, our viewers, to have more access to the content you love, right at your fingertips.”

Hulu will also be redesigning their iOS app. However, no additional information was provided.

The company has been heavily pushing original and exclusive content on its website and mobile devices, so it is likely that the select ad-supported content will be focused on such shows as “Deadbeat,” “The Awesomes,” and “Quick Draw.”

Hulu_InStreamPurchaseUnitThe announcement focused on advertising innovations that are set to launch later this year. Hulu will incorporate cross platform interactive ads that are optimized for each device. Plus, the company is working on adding 360 ad design technology for a deeper experience. Finally, Hulu has just partnered with Pizza Hut to launch the first ever “In-Stream Purchase Unit.” This new feature will allow viewers to access Pizza Hut’s online website, order a pizza, and go back to watching their program without having to leave the Hulu environment.

Coming this summer, it looks like we will have more ads when watching shows on Hulu, but in return, we can watch shows on the iPad for free. Not a bad exchange.

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