Microsoft Office iPad Apps Now Feature AirPrint Capabilities

Word-print-optionsA few weeks ago, Microsoft finally launched its productivity suite on the iPad. Users can now have complete access to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint right on their tablets. With all the glamor and fanfare that Microsoft put into creating the perfect iPad version, they forgot one important feature; printing from the app. Today, Microsoft updated their app to include the important printing capability, so you don’t have to access files on your desktop in order to print copies for everyone in the office.

The number one requested feature, as noted by Microsoft, was adding printing capabilities within the app. AirPrint compatibility is available with the free download, meaning you don’t need Office 365 to print from the iPad.

You can print Word, Excel, or PowerPoint presentation to an AirPrint printer from each of the apps. You can also choose to print the document with or without markup in Word. In Excel, you can print a selected range, page, or worksheet. In PowerPoint, you can select the page or pages you wish to print.

PowerPoint-for-iPad-SmartGuidesPowerPoint has also received an update that includes SmartGuides, another highly requested feature. SmartGuides helps users align pictures, shapes, and text boxes as objects are moved around on the page.

Excel has received a new feature, as well. Autofit allows users to adjust the width or height of multiple rows or columns at the same time. Instead of having to individually adjust a cell’s measurements, you can make changes to groups of cells.

While the apps are free to download, Microsoft requires a subscription in order to edit and create documents on the iPad. Luckily, the service has dropped in price with the addition of Office 365 Personal. For $6.99 per month, you can have full access to all features available on one iPad and one Mac or PC, plus 20 GB of storage on OneDrive for a single user.

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