PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Clear Your Notification Center

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This week’s iPad tip is actually a follow up from our post last week about how to add contact information to your lock screen. One of our readers pointed out that, since iOS 7, the Lock screen is blurred whenever you receive an alert from Notification Center. While you can clear your list of notifications without unlocking your device, thus getting that important image back on your screen, not everyone knows that, which our friendly reader politely pointed out.

While there is no way to let every human in the world know how to clear your list of notifications, I can at least share my knowledge with you and let you spread the word.

To access Notification Center, drag your finger from the very top of the screen downward. The feature actually has a little tab at the top that is visible in the Lock screen. Drag it downward to reveal Notification Center.

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The service is made up of three sections, Today, All, and Missed. The quickest way to clear your list is to select the All section. Then, tap the “X” next to each notification subject. It will change to “Clear.” Tap it again and clear that subject. Do the same for each subsequent subject. For example, I get alerts fro my IFTTT app, email notifications, and pokes from certain video games. When I clear my list, I have to do so with all subjects.

If you still want more assurance that your contact message appears on your Lock screen, instead of a list of notifications, you can also turn off the Lock Screen notification feature so that the list will never be displayed while your screen is locked.

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Go to your Settings App and select Notification Center. To turn off Lock screen notification altogether, toggle the top two switches under “Access on Lock Screen” to the “Off” position. If you like the convenience of accessing Notification Center from the lock screen, but don’t want the list of alerts to remain on display, select an individual app, like Messages, Reminders, or Twitter, and then toggle the “Show on Lock Screen” switch to Off. This will allow you to access Notification Center from the Lock screen without keeping the messages displayed.

Now you know how to clear your alerts from Notification Center and how to keep the alerts from remaining on display on your Lock screen. Spread the word.

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