Soccer Rally 2 Mashes Two Action-Packed Games Together into One

Soccer Rally 2 3If you are a fan of soccer and a fan of Nascar style racing, you don’t have a whole lot of options for enjoying both sports. Sure, you can spend Saturday afternoon watching the international soccer tournament, and then spend all day Sunday watching your favorite driver make the same trip 500 times around the track. But, then your whole weekend would be shot.

IceFlame has figured out a way to join the two sports together so you can free up some time on the weekend for your other favorite sport, bowling.

Soccer Rally 2 1Soccer Rally 2 is, obviously, the sequel to the original game of the same name. Players drive around on a course or field, running into a giant soccer ball. In this sequel, players get behind the wheel of a customized, high speed, racer so they can pass, tackle, and shoot the oversized ball for points.

The game has a single-player campaign mode so players can practice their skills against computer generation opponents that get harder with experience. You can work on both your driving technique and your soccer drills to have a well rounded system to beat your opponent.

Soccer Rally 2 2The game also includes online multiplayer mode, as well as real-time tabletop multiplayer games where you can compete against your friend head-to-head in an air hockey style game. You can even choose your ball, including bowling balls, basketballs, and even a hockey puck.

The nine different cars each have a set of performance stats, including acceleration, braking, and handling. Customize your car with 30 different colors and more than 200 decals.

Soccer Rally 2 4The game’s features include:

  • Defeat 20 challenging Tournaments, featuring a variety of different balls to become the ultimate champion. 

  • Challenge your friends to the most intense same device multiplayer, car football game ever.

  • Academy 90+ challenges including Multiball, Ball Sorter, Cannon Defence and Time Attack.

  • Choose from 9 different cars, each with their own different performance and characteristics.

  • Customise and style your car unique to you, with up to 9 layers and 200 decals to choose from. Share your results across Facebook and Twitter.

  • Universal support. On all your iOS devices

So, instead of trying to squeeze in hours of soccer and racing, why not combine the two for an efficient weekend of gaming goodness?

Soccer Rally 2 is available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.

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