Apple Expands Retail Store Trade-In Program to Include iPad Models

resources_recyclingApple is really trying to make a point today. The company recently launched an Environmental Responsibility campaign that highlights everything Apple is doing to reduce its carbon footprint and “leave the world a better place then we found it.” Today, apply announced that it has expanded its Reuse & Recycling program to include older models of the iPad. You can now take your clunky, slow iPad into any Apple Retail Store and get credit toward a new one.

Apple’s Reuse & Recycle program previously only allowed customers to trade in old iPhone devices in exchange for store credit. Now, not only can you trade in your old iPad for credit, but Apple has also expanded the credit exchange to include different devices. Previously, you could only use your iPhone credit to purchase a new iPhone. Now, you can use it to purchase an iPad, and vice versa.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple Retail Store employees received a 22-item criteria list to evaluate whether a device is eligible for trade. Some issues that would take your device out of the running include non-Apple parts, jailbroken devices that cannot be restored, Find my iPhone unable to be disabled, and more.

The iPad will be under more scrutiny than its phone cousin. Some issues that are acceptable on the iPhone will not be on the iPad. For example, a cracked screen does not disqualify the iPhone from eligibility, but it does disqualify the iPad.

A few more rules apply to the trade-in program. Apple will not accept current model devices as trade-ins (iPhone 5s/5c, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina). Nor will the program accept retired products (First-generation iPad, iPhone 1/3G/3Gs).

Additionally, customers can combine the trade-in value of one iPhone and iPad toward their next purchase. However, they cannot use the credit from two of the same device categories (two iPhones, two iPads) for one purchase. An internal document received by 9to5Mac states that the value of individual device trade-ins will be determined by the Retail Store employee using their EasyPay mobile POS device.

Of course, you can bring any device, new or old, broken or working, to your nearest Apple Retail Store to have it recycled for free. The restrictions above only refer to the ability to trade a device in for credit toward a new purchase.

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